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Large Size Wedding Dresses - Are you thinking about getting a plus size wedding dress but want to see what is available? Why not start with the video below - see what you may find in your own local bridal boutiques!

If you are shopping for a large size wedding dress, you are not alone. There are plenty of places that make wedding gowns available in all sizes. Gone are the days when we believed that every bride is a size 2, which is just not how it is. Many beautiful brides need large size wedding dresses today, thankfully we have finally come to a time (especially with internet shopping) where those lovely ladies have the same styles and choices as all brides. Find plus size wedding dresses today.


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Even if you are not considered plus-sized (size 14 and up) in everyday clothing you may still need large-size wedding dresses as most wedding gowns run small and to be in one that fits you properly you will need to buy a size or two larger than what you normally wear. For instance, if you normally wear a size 12 you will probably need at least a 14 but maybe even a 16 for your wedding day. So even if you are not considered plus-sized, you may still need to shop for plus size wedding dresses.

So now that you know that you may need to shop for plus size wedding dresses the next question is what type of dress style would look best on you. Whether you are a size 4 or a size 20 want to look great on your wedding day and the first way to make this happen is to purchase a dress catered to your body type. Here are a few styles of large size wedding dresses that you might want to try:

Large Size Wedding Dresses - The A Line

If you are looking for large size wedding dresses the A-line might be the style you are looking for. The A-line wedding gown looks wonderful on all body types, that is why it is the most popular wedding dress. An A looks just as it sounds, like a capital A. At the hips is goes outward to the floor. It helps by drawing the eyes to the top part of the gown.

The A-line wedding dress is one of the most popular silhouette styles on the market so you should have no problem finding wedding gowns in a variety of styles within the A-line – from different styles and lengths of sleeves, different necklines or embellishments. 

Since the A-Line is the most popular style you will also be able to find it in styles that meet your needs – including in a plus-sized wedding dress. For instance, if you are looking to meet a specific theme like Country Wedding Dresses, Gothic Wedding Dresses or Wedding Dresses With Color. Besides shopping for specific themes you might just want specific areas of the dress to meet your dream wedding dress expectations such as being backless, having cap sleeves, or the addition of lace or beading. When you are looking at the A-Line you will be able to find all these styles and more!

Large Size Wedding Dresses - Sweetheart Neckline

A sweetheart neckline is a gown that has a heart-shaped neckline above the bust. This is a sleeveless wedding gown. So if you are not interested in wearing strapless wedding dresses you might want to move on to another style choice! People often choose this style to either help create curves or accentuate the curves they have. This wedding gown style choice also lengthens the neck and helps to balance the overall look of the gown. This is why a sweetheart wedding dress might be the perfect option for you!

Sweetheart neckline wedding dresses can be found in many different wedding dress styles which include the a-line, the ball gown, and the mermaid. So if you have your heart set on a specific style of wedding dress but want this neckline there is a good chance you will be able to find both of these details in one perfect gown! So if you are looking for lace wedding dresses, off the shoulder wedding dresses or princess ball gowns know that you will still be able to find that wedding dress style in your size!

Large Size Wedding Dresses - The V-Neckline

If you have a larger bust than average you may want to select a dress with a V-neckline. This will accentuate your bust line and draw eyes to your upper body and face.

Of course, as there are wedding dresses to help your look there are certainly a few large size wedding dresses to avoid as well.

Typically this dress works the best for people with B or C cups, if you do not fit into this category you will want to take the time to try these gowns on and make the decision for yourself. How does it feel? Do you feel you have enough support? What about when you are doing the activities you will be during your wedding such as walking down the aisle, throwing your bouquet, or dancing. Make sure you feel completely comfortable with this style before making a final decision!

Wedding Dress Shopping:

TB Dress

Large Size Wedding Dresses - Mermaid Style

The mermaid wedding gown is the style you choose when you want a stunning and sexy wedding dress – however, understand it is form-fitting until it gets past your waist and your hips. Once it gets past your hips it dramatically flairs outwards.

The mermaid wedding dress is form-fitting in such a way that a bride really needs to be bold and have confidence in her body to wear it. It fits your body to show all the natural curves you possess. If you are confident in your body shape and have no qualms about putting it on display this is the gown for you!

Large Size Wedding Dresses - Fairytale Gowns

When you picture a fairy tale with a fitted bodice and long flowing skirt what you are thinking about is a classic ball gown! If you are looking for the whole princess / fairytale wedding this is the ball gown you are going to want to find for yourself!

For the most part, they are very attractive to everyone. It is a beautiful wedding gown that everyone immediately pictures when they think of wedding dresses and there are so many benefits to this dress as well. So read on to see if these Cinderella wedding dresses are right for you!

First of all, if you love the style the only thing you need to remember is that it is your wedding – you should choose the dress based on what you want to wear not based upon how others will feel about it! You will only get married once (probably – but even if you marry again, usually brides choose the most luxurious items only for their first trip down the aisle) and you should embrace the whole wedding experience.

There are also so many variations of this dress from the different materials used in both the bodice and the full skirt to the use of layers and ruffles and the ability to add beading, lace, and other style elements. This means if you are looking for something specific like tulle wedding dresses, you will be able to narrow down your choices and still get the material you want in the wedding dress style you wish to wear!

Okay, now you have some ideas on what to buy, different styles of wedding gowns and that you may even have to buy a few sizes up, but where are you going to go shopping? Well, you can start with local boutiques; most should have a large selection of gowns for all sizes. One thing you may need to remember is that because of the extra fabric used they may charge extra. If you are indeed shopping locally you may want to price check different shops and find out if they all charge the same amount or if some shops charge a larger fee than others.

If you decide to shop online, there are many choices out there. All of the photos on this page are from various shops online - if you like what you see you can click on a photo to learn more or browse the rest of their selection.

Other Large Size Wedding Dresses We Love

Large Size Wedding Dresses - Other Wedding Dresses

Just because you are looking for a plus-sized wedding gown this does not mean you need to only search pages like this one. Many wedding gowns come in all shapes and sizes so if you see other wedding dresses you love, check out the size availability.

If you are looking for specific types and themes for the wedding dress – check out our wedding dresses page. The page gives a wide variety of styles to inspire you and then at the bottom there are links to more specific types of gowns!

Want to see more photo of wedding gowns for inspiration? Check out the video below to see how many options there are out there for you! Who knows maybe you will see something your really fall in love with!

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