Wedding Dress Styles

There are many different wedding dress styles to choose from. All wedding dresses are not the same, nor are all wedding dresses created equal. There are numerous different styles of wedding dresses on the market today. One of the first steps to choosing your gown is to choose the type of style you want to wear or at least narrow down the choices.


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Wedding Dress Styles - A-Line or Princess Cut

What does this dress look like? Think of the letter A! It is cut close at the top and flows outwards. This cut is the most popular and flattering to all body types. The A-line dress has fluid lines, and the design allows the dress to be worn beautifully by anyone. Many people refer to it as the most forgiving wedding dress type. 

Wedding Dress Styles - Ball Gown

The Ball Gown wedding dress is a wedding gown that may make you think of fairytale type dresses, such as what you would think of Cinderella is, and really, who doesn't want to be Cinderella on their wedding day? The ball gown would look the best on women with a leaner physique; however, it can be worn by anyone. Like the A-line, the gown does cover the lower part of the body but the waist and bust line are emphasized. 

Wedding Dress Styles - Column or Straight Cut

This wedding dress is more form-fitting and less traditional than most cuts. It can hug the body but can also be designed to hug in certain areas to accentuate the brides best assets. This dress is best worn by thinner women. 

Wedding Dress Styles - Empire Cut

The empire cut has a raised waistline, right underneath the bust. Underneath the waistline, the gown flows to the ground. This dress can be used to help women with smaller busts who want to appear slightly larger as the empire waist draws attention to the neckline.

Wedding Dress Styles - Mermaid Dress

This is a more non-traditional style suitable for more contemporary weddings. The mermaid dress is a fitted design that flairs at the knees. This dress is not for everyone. It is for brides who are on the slender side and confident as the dress will show all her contours and curves above the knees. 

Wedding Dress Styles - Other Details

The above are the most basic styles you are going to find when shopping for your wedding gown. However, there are a lot of other things you can do to change it up. Here are some examples:

Wedding Dress Shopping:

TB Dress

Length of the Dress – Although the majority of wedding gowns are floor-length, you can shop for short wedding dresses or tea-length wedding gowns.

Colors – Besides white, ivory, and cream colors you can also get your wedding gown in just about any color of the rainbow these days.

Sleeves – The length of the sleeves, or no sleeves at all, will certainly change the look of the dress.

Dress Back - You can opt for lace, backless, or no special look for the back of the dress.

Embellishments and Fabric – There are many different types of embellishments and fabric than can be used on the dress including lace, organza, crystals, or embroidery.

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