Wearing a Camo Wedding Dress on your Big Day

Some brides-to-be are choosing to wear a camo wedding dress to have a different look and style. Some choose this style because she or her family has served in the military. Others just like the look and unique style this dress offers. This style looks especially nice for an outdoor wedding, but that does not mean you can not make it work for a more traditional wedding.


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Camo Wedding Dress - Being Creative

Some people are looking for a creative and different style than everyday wedding dresses on the market. You might consider a camo bridal gown if you want to wear a gown that is different and unique. If you can not see yourself walking down the aisle or greeting your wedding reception guests in an all-white ball gown you might look to the camouflage look to add some color and uniqueness to your wedding attire.

bride in camo wedding dress
blonde bride in camo wedding dress with dark wedding bouquet

There is no reason that you cannot insert your own personal style into the wedding, the gown is no exception. If you love the look of camouflage or you want to use it to celebrate your patriotic spirit or your love of hunting, there are different selections available for you to choose from. If camouflage is more your look at the high-end fashion, why would you not want to at least consider using this look in your wedding apparel choices for yourself or even your wedding party?

Camo Wedding Dress - Different Styles Available

There are several great styles you can consider for your camo wedding gown; you can have a formal strapless gown using camouflage fabric, a halter style gown if you want to accentuate some parts of your body, a simple camo wrap dress is also a good choice. The following styles are also tasteful and elegant: a camisole style camo dress, a camo tunic dress, colored camouflage dresses.

Wedding Dress Shopping:

TB Dress

There are many different styles available. If there is a specific wedding dress style you are interested in such as A-Line, sheath, mermaid, or ball gown, chances are you will be able to find some way to use the style of the gown with the fashion of camouflage.

Camo Wedding Dress - Using Only Camo Accents

If you want a camo wedding gown and but you do not think you want to wear an all camouflage dress you can still do so by altering the design and not the color of the fabric. It can still be white, ivory or beige gown with a subtle camo touch, you can try these accents: a band of camo at the bottom or a camo trim at the edge of the skirt, a band of camo fabric at the top of the bodice, or a camouflage underlay.

Camo Wedding Dress and Your Wedding Day

Wearing a camo wedding gown doesn't mean that the ceremony is informal; the dress can be styled in an elegant and formal style with femininity intact. All you need is to pick a suitable gown for your personal style and the season (temperature and climate). Color coordination is also important if you're planning to have a camo style wedding.

For instance, if you choose to use traditional camouflage trim in your wedding dress, you may want to stick to colors close to that for the bridesmaid's dresses, the vest or pocket, or the groom and his groomsmen. You will want to think about how the entire wedding apparel will look together, not just for the day but how will the photos look as you will be enjoying them for years to come.

There are other ways you can also insert camouflage into your wedding. You can use camo accents in your wedding stationery, your bridesmaid gowns, wedding favors, or wedding decorations. How little or how much you want to include this in your theme is up to you! 

As far as the camo wedding gowns go - More styles of camo wedding gown are out in the market, you have lots of tons to choose from. But you have to bear it your mind that your wedding is a formal event in your life and all the things should be well coordinated. So choose the most suitable style that matches your wedding theme. 

A camo wedding gown can really make a statement. It is one way of personalizing your wedding. It's your wedding after all so what you want is the most important. 

Do you like the idea but you are not sold on it? The first thing you should do is look at the photos on this page. Do they speak to you? Are any of the dresses the type of gowns you would love to wear or do you like them but feel like they are not for you?

If you can picture yourself walking down the aisle and getting married in one of them – what about the rest of the people who make up the wedding party? Would they also be willing to wear camo wedding apparel? Would it be difficult to convince them or would they be all in?

Now think about your family and friends. The first thing you need to decide is how much they will care about you choosing apparel and style choices that are not the norm for weddings today. An even bigger question is how much do you care about their opinions. If you care how others perceive you and your choices you may want to think about what other people will think or feel about this choice.

Parents and grandparents, in particular, might have some grand image of your walking down the aisle in a flowing white gown. If you care how others thing but this is still something you want to do, you might consider letting them know before the wedding.

At the end of the day, it is certainly your decision but you might not want people to be shocked or disapproving of you during the wedding ceremony or wedding reception. No one needs that type of drama during their wedding!

Extending The Camo Theme To The Rest of The Wedding Celebration

If all you are looking for is the perfect camo wedding dress, this is fine. However, if you want to carry this theme thoughout your big day, this is certainly a possibility. Below you will find some options from what others in your party could wear to the actual wedding rings or reception decorations.

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