Lace and Crochet Wedding Dresses You Will Love

What do you think of when I say crochet wedding dresses? When many people think about the style of crochet they think about something their grandmother would have given them in their childhood. In other words, something they would rather not wear. So it is only natural that when someone starts talking about a crochet wedding dress that you get a less than desirable image in your mind. However, rest assured, that image is incorrect.


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So if the image is not undesirable what would it be? Crochet wedding dresses can be quite beautiful. They are simple, yet the design can be elaborate or intricate. They can be much more comfortable than a more traditional dress, yet it can still be the brightest of whites and stunning.

Crochet Wedding DressesCrochet Wedding Dresses

Crochet wedding dresses is just yet another style to keep in mind when choosing your gown. If you are designing your own wedding dress or paying someone to do it, instead of purchasing a pre maid one, you might want to consider having a crocheted dress. Of course, it is only one of the many choices available today for brides. There are so many choices, but I try to bring a little bit of everything to wedding planning, even ideas like this that may have never occurred to you!

Crochet Wedding Dresses – Making Your Own

One of the possibilities with crochet wedding dresses is the ability to make your own. If you are crafty or just want complete control of all your wedding decisions, making your own wedding gown is a way to control how you look and what you wear really has your vision.

Making your own wedding dress can be a project that you do all on your own which allows you to really put your own effort and energy into your gown and what you will be wearing. However, this is also a project you could do with family members especially people like your mother or grandmother. You could bring this up as a way for them to be a huge part of your day. Besides them being so involved with making your wedding gown the ability to look back at photos or the gown in years to come will provide you with many special memories of how they helped you in making the perfect wedding dress for your big day!

Crochet Wedding Dresses – How To Get Started

So you want to make your own wedding gown but you are not sure where to start? First, if you have other crocheted a dress before or if a relative has you may want to start with any patterns you have used on different dresses. Look at the patterns and compare them to one another. You may get inspiration in how to alter a pattern for your wedding dress to make it your own.

Another possibility is just looking in the open market for crochet wedding dress patterns. Just like you would buy crochet patterns for a scarf or a blanket, it is just as possible to find people who are selling patterns for wedding dresses or other types of formal gowns.

Crochet Wedding Dresses – Get One Custom Made

If you are thinking of wearing a crochet wedding gown and you do not like the idea of making it yourself you could always choose to have someone make it for you. It is possible to find a seamstress or dressmaker in your area and hire them to help design and create the perfect dress for you.

Crochet Wedding Dresses – Look for styles Online

You can also just look online for different crochet wedding dresses. Now many people think of yarn when they think of crocheted items – like an afghan your grandmother made you. If this is similar to the style you are looking for that is fine. Those types of dresses of more difficult to find you would need to make them yourself, hire someone for a custom dress locally, or use a site like Etsy to find people who specialize in these wedding gowns.

However, there is another solution. Lace.

Lace is often crocheted and can be found in many different wedding gowns on the market today. IF you are interested in lace for your wedding dress you can do a lot of different things.

First of all, you can get one that is all lace or has a complete lace overlay. This will show beautiful crocheting details. You can also choose to just have a touch of lace.

Wedding Dress Shopping:

TB Dress

For those just wanting a touch of crocheted lace details, you can find many options. Some dresses have lace over the majority of the dress whereas other dresses have touches such as the neckline, the back, the train, or the arms of the dress.

Crochet Wedding Dresses – Start Here

Regardless of your choice is to shop online or make one yourself you should probably familiarize yourself with the options available to you. The first photo on this page is just a photo, a reference to what a traditional non-lace crocheted wedding gown could look like.

The rest of the photos on this page are wedding gowns available online. Those photos are clickable – if you see one you like you can click the photo and check out the dress in greater detail. See the price ranges, get more ideas on how much you do or do not like it and does it meet the picture in your head of what you are looking for.

So look around and see if there are any dresses on this page that see to be the type of wedding gown you can envision yourself walking down the aisle in or not!

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