Purple Wedding Invitations

Purple wedding invitations are more popular than ever before. Part of this might have to do with the fact that color is being put into every part of a wedding these days. Tradition states that our invitations must be white, cream-colored, or ivory but modern brides have rejected that notion and choosing invitations they want, not what their grandmothers would have sent. If you looking for cool wedding invitations and where to buy them, keep on reading.


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When a bride chooses purple wedding invitations they must decide how prominent they color will be. The invitation could be all purple or just be accented in purple. They could also choose purple to be one of several colors used on the invitation. Purple and pink are always a nice color combination as is purple and black.

These days brides and grooms do not choose wedding invitations on tradition but based upon their wedding theme and colors. If your bridesmaids are wearing purple, you should start shopping for purple invitations. 

Wedding Invitation Shopping:

The Leslie Store
Picky Bride

If you still want to be somewhat traditional you could always just make the border purple or only have a splash of purple on the invitation.

When shopping for cool wedding invitations, Purple is a nice color, but it is also one with a lot of variety. You could choose to use a light purple like violet or lavender or you could use something more dramatic like a nice deep purple that screams luxury and royalty. That would be great for a fairytale wedding, dont you think?

If you are ready to buy purple wedding invitations, or at least invitations with a splash of purple where will you shop? You can start locally if you have local printers or stationery shops near your home. If you dont you can certainly shop online for cool wedding invitations, just like everything else for your wedding.

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