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I Have to be honest here – I love Halloween Wedding Invitations! You should also love Halloween wedding invitations! I can write about just about anything when it comes to wedding planning, ideas, inspirations, and shopping because we are thankfully at the point in weddings in a society where almost most things are acceptable!


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So if you want dark wedding invitations – go for it! Love witches, skulls, vampires, or zombies – there is an invitation for you! Want something a little more friendly like pumpkins – this is also a possibility.

Halloween Wedding Invitations - Pagan Handfasting Invitations

One of the reasons people choose Halloween as their wedding day is to get married or to participate in a Handfasting ceremony on Samhain. Samhain is on the same day as Halloween, and most people would say that Halloween's history and traditions were modeled after the Pagan holiday.

Samhain is also the celebration of the end of the summer, it signifies both death and rebirth which is why this day is a perfect day to form a long-lasting commitment to your partner!

Handfasting is a unity ceremony whereas the two people participating join hands and then have their hands joined together with rope. The joining hands before the tying signify that they are making this choice with free will. Tying the hands together is where we get tying the knot from. This ceremony can be part of a legally binding marriage or be done without any legalities involved.

If you are searching for wedding invitations with a pagan root to them or you are specifically shopping for handfasting invitations you might look for invitations with pentagrams, moon cycles, the sun, or the triquetra symbol. Of course, this is not all you are limited too but these are certainly among the most popular for this type of ceremony or celebration!

Halloween Wedding Invitations - Gothic Wedding Invitations

Although some people do choose the holiday to celebrate their beliefs and merge their spiritual and romantic life as one, many other people just like the imagery of Halloween as their favorite holiday!  

When you are searching for Gothic Wedding Invitations they usually have dark rich colors like black, blood red, Deep Purple, and Dark Green. These invitations may have some brighter colors like teal, white or gray mixed in. 

Usually, the dark and bold color scheme alone is what makes it a Gothic Wedding Invitation – however sometimes there is another imagery as well such as bright flowers on the dark background, elaborate backgrounds, and scrollwork, and even some of the more obvious Halloween themes like skulls, ghosts, and cemeteries mixed in. 

If what you are looking for in Halloween wedding invites is just Gothic a wide variety of color schemes, patterns and symbols may be used. This is something good for you to search if you know this is what you want but you do not have any specifics you must have like a certain color or symbol represented.

Halloween Wedding Invitations - Vampire Wedding Invitations

It Gothic is what you love it is not a big jump to go from Gothic to Vampire is it? There are not a ton of Vampire wedding invitations on the market but there are some. You can find one with fangs, blood, or the silhouette of two people together that certainly gives you the impression of vampire love.

These types of invitations either have a color scheme of black and red or just dark like black and gray. If you can not find a suitable vampire wedding invitation you can always go for a bloody one, or one with other symbols associated with vampires such as long black fingernails that are almost claw-like or bats.

When you stop to think about it the vampire symbolism is kind of romantic as once you are married you will never grow old and will live out life frozen in time at the height of your youth as well as the height of the love you have for one another!

Halloween Wedding Invitations - Zombie Wedding Invitations

If we have Gothic and Vampires why not add in a little Zombie love, right? Zombies are very popular right now and if you and your partner share a love of zombies and also have no need to go traditional at all for your wedding why not choose some cool zombie wedding invitations?

The thing with choosing Zombie wedding invitations is that they are certainly not for the faint of heart and they tend to look a little bit more graphic with green or peeling skin, brains, and decay. So this is something you are going to really have to commit to before taking the plunge!

Halloween Wedding Invitations - Other Halloween Themed Wedding Invitations

So we have touched on some of the main wedding invitation ideas for a Halloween wedding such as pagan themed, Gothic Stationery, zombies, and vampires – but what if you really want Halloween themed invitations but so far none of these ideas have been right for you?

Well, there are other search terms you might consider for this Halloween wedding of yours such as witches, ghosts, pumpkins, cemeteries, graveyards, jack o'lanterns, scary, spooky, or frightening! It is not just the idea of searching for what theme you are going for but identifying the look and feel you want. I mean are you going for dark and mysterious, terrifying, or even cute? There are lots of cute looking wedding invitations that feature Halloween themes and designs that are meant to be stylish, cute, or adorable instead of scary or dark! 

So think about what you want and how it will look with the rest of your wedding. For instance, if the rest of your wedding has a dark color scheme and decorations you might not want an adorable ghost wedding invitation but the opposite is true as well. If your decorations and apparel are bright and fun, you do not want your wedding invitation to feel sinister or terrifying!

Halloween Wedding Invitations - You and Your Guests

Although I will always maintain that when you plan your wedding you need to do so with your own wants and needs in mind, most people can not forget the guests that they are inviting to share in their day. If you are the type of person who deeply cares about what other people think you may need to consider your guests before choosing your wedding invitations.

Will your guests be fine with whatever you choose? If you choose something from this page specifically will they be surprised or will it fit in with what they know and love about you? Will they judge you negatively and if they do how much will you care?

I am certainly not advocating for you to not choose exactly what you want but maybe to just take a breathe and put some thought into your wedding choice. Will there be any ramifications? If there are, how much will you care?

Finally, while you are thinking about what your friends and family will think, why not also think about what your future self will think. Are you confident you will look back at these decisions happily and not second guess what you were thinking at the time? Although your wedding is only one day in time remember the keepsakes, photos, and video will last for the rest of your life and marriage.

Other Halloween Wedding Ideas

If you are searching for Halloween Wedding Stationery there is a good chance that you are also interested in bringing this theme into the rest of your wedding. Check out our pages on Halloween Wedding Cake, Gothic Wedding Dresses, and Gothic Wedding Ideas! 

If the stationery is a one-off thing that is fine, but usually stationary is designed to match wedding colors and themes which will be carried through the entire day. So now is time to decide are you looking for stationery ideas or everything that screams Halloween Weddings!

Other Wedding Invitation Ideas

So you came and saw but are you sold on the Halloween wedding theme? If you are – great! But if you decide this is just not right for you why not check out some of our other wedding invitation pages. You might also love Purple Wedding invitations, Informal Wedding Invitations, or Black and White Wedding Invitations.

Of course, you can just check out our Wedding Invitation home page and scroll to the bottom for a list of more specific pages! Good Luck in whatever it is you are looking for!

Other Halloween Wedding Invitations We Love

Not sure how much of a Halloween wedding you want to have? See photos and video from one for more ideas!

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