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Unique Contemporary Wedding Invitations

Are you looking for funky wedding invitations? Remember funky wedding stationery does not mean it is bad or ugly or anything, it is just not what most people would picture when they think of wedding invitations. It would probably fall into the category of unique contemporary wedding invitations.


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When most people think of a typical wedding stationery what they are really thinking of is traditional stationery. The wedding invitations that come to mind are white, ivory, or cream-colored. Even if there is some color, it is still pretty subdued. There is nothing wrong with that, for some people. However, lots of people would rather have funky wedding invitations, wedding stationery with a little pizzazz. Unique contemporary wedding invitations may be just what you are looking for.

Funky Wedding Invitations - Flat Invitations

The below photo is a nice example of unique retro wedding invitation. This invitation is a flat invitation, which is the most traditional wedding stationery available today. However, the pink color on this invitation is vivid and arresting. the black is bold and prominent. It is certainly unique and completely mesmerizing.

Funky Wedding Invitations - MiniBook Wedding Invitations

If you are looking for unique contemporary wedding invitations, why not give this one a try? The invitation itself is called Before and After and it is stunning. If you are looking for a little extra uniqueness, this invitation is beautiful with the MiniBook look.

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Picky Bride

I think you could use this for the uniqueness or creativity behind the invitation itself. If you are having a beach or tropical wedding or your wedding colors include blues and whites - this would be perfect for you!

Funky Wedding Invitations - Folded Wedding Invitations

Folded wedding invitations fall within the category of unique contemporary invitations all by themselves as they stray away from the traditional flat wedding stationery design. Of course, this example has the added bonus of being gorgeous and hot pink as well.

This invitation is bright and fun! If your wedding is using bright colors such as hot pink or purple this could be the perfect wedding invitation for you!

Funky Wedding Invitations - Pocket Wedding Invitations

These pocket wedding invitations are certainly different! Pocket Wedding Invitations are a more modern approach to wedding invitations and stationery.

One of the reasons the pocket invitation is more popular than the flat counterpart is because of the pockets which all your guests to keep all the enclosures in one safe place.

This one however is a great example of funky wedding invitations because of the uniqueness it. It is great for anyone into games, cards, or gambling or anyone who is having a destination wedding in Vegas, Atlantic City, or any other casino-type area.

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