Classic Wedding Invitations

Classic Wedding Invitations can incorporate many different styles, colors and themes. They can be as simple as a single color on white paper or as extravagant as multi-colored, foil stamped with custom sizes on colorful paper. The most beautiful way to print classic invitations is with letterpress. Letterpress printing for wedding invitations provides a distinctive texture and understated elegance that harkens back to a classical era that is impossible to find with any other printing method. 


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The next step in selecting your classic letterpress wedding invitation design is deciding on what kind of a wedding ceremony and celebration you plan to have. Your invitation is your guests' first impression for your event so try to plan accordingly.

Always an excellent choice, a "black tie" style, black ink on white paper, invitation design is sure to turn some heads. This simple, yet timeless, invitation is best with calligraphy-style fonts for the bride and grooms names and if you are feeling extra creative, a monogram. Monograms are custom "logos" that are typically created using the first letters of the bride and groom's names.

Foil stamping is an important aspect of any classic letterpress wedding invitation design. It is available in many different colors beyond the expected gold and silver, and it can be used in many different spaces, shapes, and designs. Some couples even choose to have their names gold foil stamped, which adds a brilliance and magical appeal that is unlike any other.

Blind impression is a unique letterpress printing technique that can imprint a specific design, pattern or ornamentation into the invitation without applying any ink. This provides a wonderful, debossed look and feel to the paper that flatters your overall design in the most striking of ways.

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 In contrast to the inked areas of the letterpress printed invitation, blind impression is a bold, classic printing technique that your guests will certainly be in awe of.

While many brides may have been put off from the supposed costs associated with letterpress printing, there are many ways to save when looking for your classical letterpress wedding invitations. Remember to shop around and have printers quote you their prices. Look for package deals or specials that some, but not all, printers offer. These can end up saving you hundreds of dollars.

But don't forget, this is your day. You only have one chance to make a really special first impression on your guests, so choose wisely. If you are looking for classic wedding invitations, letterpress wedding invitations are your best bet!

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