LDS Wedding Invitations

Are you looking for LDS Wedding Invitations? You may already know what you need for an LDS wedding including what your wedding dress should look like and the traditions that you will be upholding during your wedding.


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However you will now need to decide if you want to use traditional wedding invitations . The choice is really up to you. If you are looking for LDS wedding stationery, the only difference is whether you add a photo of your temple to the invitation, otherwise as long as your invitation is respectful you will be fine.

This article will give you examples of traditional wedding invitations suitable for your LDS Wedding along with the different types of invitations you might want to send including appropriate wording choices.

LDS Wedding Invitations - Temple Ceremony Invitations

Most temple sealing rooms fit a small number of people, usually less than 50. So before deciding who will be invited to the actual ceremony you will need to find out the capacity of this room. If you are going traditional you can use any type of wedding invitation you want, photo invitations are a popular way to go.

Example Wording

The honor of your
presence is requested
at the wedding ceremony
in the Mesa, Az Temple
on Saturday
the tenth day of July
at nine in the morning.
Please arrive one half hour early.

Wedding Invitations - Brunch or Lunch Meal

Many brides and grooms invite some or all of the people who were at the temple sealing ceremony to a brunch or lunch afterwards. It is up to you who you ask to join you. Usually it is at least close family and friends.

Example Wording - Combo Invite For Temple Ceremony and Meal

The honor of your presence
is requested
at the wedding ceremony
in the Boston Temple
on Saturday the fifth of May
at eight o'clock in the morning.
A brunch will be held
immediately following
at Holly's Restaurant

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Example Wording - Meal Only 

You are invited to
attend the wedding luncheon
in the Taylor Room of the
Adams Clark Building
following the ceremony
at ten o'clock 

Wedding Invitations - The Wedding Reception

Sending out wedding invitations for the reception is pretty simple. You are now to invite everyone you want to celebrate this day with. The list will include everyone invited to the actual ceremony and the meal as well as anyone else you want to invite. Below you will find a few different suggestions on wording depending on who is sending out these LDS wedding invitations.

Example Wording - From The Bride's Family

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Thomas
are pleased to announce
the marriage of their daughter
Jessica Ann Thomas
David Edward Smith
on Saturday the first day of July
two thousand and eleven
in the Oklahoma City LDS Temple.
You are cordially invited to attend a
reception held in their honor.

Example Wording - From The Grooms Family

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon Abel
request the honor of your presence
at a reception to celebrate the marriage of
Miss Jenna Lynne Jenkins
to their son
Mr. Dana Ryan Abel
Saturday, the nineteenth of May
two thousand and eleven
at seven o'clock
Boston LDS Temple

Wording Example - From the Bride and Groom

Miss Kylee Victoria Cullen
Mr. Trevor Thomas Miller
request the honor of your presence
at their wedding reception
Saturday, the fifteenth of August
two thousand and eleven
at six o'clock.
Reno LDS Temple

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