Creative Wording For Wedding Invitations

Are you looking for creative wording for wedding invitations? Well, we will at least give you a starting point! If we told you exactly what wording for wedding invitations to use that would’t be very creative, would it? We want your invitations to reflect your own personal style and to be unique to your wedding.


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So how do you find creative wording for wedding invitations exactly? I would start by thinking outside the box. No matter what your invitations say you are certainly going to need to include some basic information such as who is gettin g married, when, and where. So to add the creative and unique edge you are really just adding an extra sentence or changing the words around a bit.

Creative Wording For Wedding Invitations - Using Romantic Quotes

When You are looking for creative wording for wedding invitations, you can start by adding some kind of romantic quote that inspires a feel good response from your guests. Here are a few ideas:

  • “We love because it's the only true adventure.”
    -- Nikki Giovanni

  • “Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one.”
    -- John Keats

  • “Our love is here to stay.”
    -- Ira Gershwin

  • “Then I saw you through myself and found we were identical.”
    -- Fakhr Iraqi

  • “I saw and loved.”
    -- Edward Gibbon

  • “One who walks the road with love will never walk the road alone.”
    -- C. T. Davis

  • “Till I loved I never lived.”
    -- Emily Dickinson

Creative Wording For Wedding Invitations - Using Personal Quotes

Still, looking for creative wording for wedding invitations? If you want something similar but dislike using quotes you can instead decide to use something personal. Perhaps you or your partner are known for saying a certain phrase to the other or maybe family or friends have said something about the two of you together that has touched you. 

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If nothing comes to mind immediately you might want to ask those closest to you what they think, what sentence or phrase would fit your invitation perfectly.

Creative Wording For Wedding Invitations - Use Your Wedding Theme

Looking for something a little less romantic? Have you thought about brainstorming with your wedding theme in mind? Many weddings these days have themes and if your wedding is one of them you might want the wording of your invitation to be written around the theme of your own wedding. You can reference (subtlety or overtly) the theme in the invitation wording, the color or the invitation, and the design you choose.

Creative Wording For Wedding Invitations - A Basic Example of Wording For Wedding Invitations

This may not qualify as creative wording for wedding invitations, but it is the very basics, the baseline you will probably start out with before you decide to add your own personal touches.

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Connoley

request the honor of your presence

at the marriage of their daughter

Sophia Ann Connoley


Mr. Jessie Franklin Adams, son of

Mr. and Mrs. William Adams,

on Friday, the Tenth of May

Two thousand and eleven

at two o'clock in the afternoon

St. Anne’s Church



You are invited

To join us in

The celebration

Of our new life together.

Sophia Connoley


Jessie Adams

Saturday, the third of October

At three o’clock

First Bible Baptist Church


Creative Wording For Wedding Invitations - Other Wedding Invitations We Love

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