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Wedding reception invitations are not the same as wedding invitations. When you send out a wedding invitation to your guests you are inviting them to spend the whole day with you, the ceremony included. However, sometimes you only are inviting people to the reception or you want a separate invitation for the reception itself. Don't forget to also choose the correct reception invitations wording.


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So why would you need wedding reception cards? The first reason is to be inserted into the actual wedding invitation. Many wedding invitations have enclosures. Some enclosures include a reception card (which invites the guests to the reception and tells them where it is and when it is happening), direction cards to both the ceremony and the reception sites, meal card choices if you are offering up a selection as well as an RSVP card.

If you are looking for the perfect reception invitations wording check out the photos below for some assistance!

So even if all your guests are invited to both the reception and the ceremony you will still opt for separate invitations for the wedding reception. But are there ever any other reasons for separate reception invitations? You may want to have a small private wedding ceremony where the only immediate family is present. It is not uncommon for brides to choose a small intimate outing instead of a large affair. If you decide that you want an intimate ceremony, that is fine but that does not mean you cannot have a larger reception to celebrate the marriage.

Another reason you might need reception invitations only is if you decided to get married away from home. You may have had a small intimate marriage somewhere else and either did not invite other people or choose not to ask all your family, friends, and acquaintances to spend the money to travel to another location as well as taking the time off of work.

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Here are other great invitations. Check out the wedding reception invitations wording for help with your own!

In these situations, many people decide to have their honeymoon first and have a wedding reception later on, well after when they come home. If you do decide to send wedding reception invitations to your guest for any reason you should make sure it is clear that it is for reception only. If you had already been married and the reception is for those who were not able to attend you may want to send a marriage announcement with the invitation itself. Of course, you can change the wedding reception invitations wording to reflect the fact that you are already married!

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