Tips on How to Address Wedding Invitations

Proper etiquette on how to address wedding invitations is a very important part of wedding preparations. Having this thing properly taken care of will lessen troubles that may occur on your big day.


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Learn more about wedding envelopes, and addressing your invitations. In addressing wedding invitations, you first need to make sure that your guest list is completed and well-organized, including full names and addresses. Here are the guidelines for making this task a success.

How to Address Wedding Invitations to Married Couples

Do you need to learn how to address wedding invitations to married couples? The outer envelope should include both names, this is important because it will show that they are both invited (as well as both being important to you). You should do this even if you aren't close to one of them. How you address the inner envelope depends upon how close you are to each specific couple. For couples you are especially close to, you can forgo titles and last names. If you are not as close you will use titles and last names.


Mr. and Mrs. Nolan Anderson Phillip and Jessica

How to Address Wedding Invitations to Married Couples Who Use Different Last Names

If you are equally close to each person, you can list them in alphabetical order on both the outer and inner envelope, but if you aren't close with both of them, write the person you're closest to first.


Mr. Jared Teague and Mrs. Morgan Nottingham

How to Address Wedding Invitations to Unmarried Couples Who Live Together

Are you wondering how to address wedding invitations to unmarried couples living together? You should include both their names on the envelope but each must have its own line. List them alphabetically if you know both of them well, but it's not entirely natural to address the invitation to the member of the couple you're friends with and include "and Guest" or the other person's name on the inner envelope.

Wedding Invitation Shopping:

The Leslie Store
Picky Bride


Outer Envelope: Kyle Goodwin Felicia Abigail

Inner Envelope: Mr. Goodwin and Ms. Abigail Or Mr. Goodwin and Guest

How to Address Wedding Invitations to Same Gender Couples

Do you have questions on how to address wedding invitations for same-sex couples? You can use the same rules you use on other couples if you're addressing a same-gender couple. List them on one line if they are married or living together. You can also choose to write both their full names on the inner envelope. Simply addressing the invitation to their first names and skipping titles and last names is also completely okay.


Mr. Robert Housen and Mr. Timothy Niles

How to Address Wedding Invitations to Couples with Professional Title

You can follow the same rules for married couples or unmarried couples living together. Regardless of gender, the person with an occupational title (Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Military officer, Reverend, etc.) should be the first in the list. If there's an inner envelope, write only the title and their last name.


Dr. Annabelle Smyth and Franklin Smith

How to Address Wedding Invitations to the Family with Children Below 18

This is How to Address Wedding Invitations to the Family with Children Below 18. Do you need to know how to address wedding invitations for children? Names of children below 18 years of age that are included in the invitation will be on the second line. It is also advisable to use "Mr. and Mrs. Blank and Family" as an option.


Mr. and Mrs. Damian Jones and Family


Mr. and Mrs. Damian Jones Janelle, Sarah and Erik

How to Address Wedding Invitations to Children 18 and Above

So do you want to know How to Address Wedding Invitations to Children 18 and above? If you're inviting a family with children 18 years old and older, you should send each of them their own invitation. Or if you prefer and they all still live together, you can send a joint invitation for all of them, it should include their names alphabetically on their own lines.

The couple you're inviting would think that you're not inviting their children if you don't include "and Family" on their children's names. But sometimes, even when you don't include the children's names, some guests will still assume that their children are also welcome. You should ask your friends and family to spread the word that the ceremony will be adults-only and you have to call and explain to the guests beforehand about the situation. Of course, you may choose to have children at the ceremony, but not the reception. In this case, you can have the words "adult reception" on the reception cards.

Hopefully, now you have a good idea on how to address wedding invitations for all your guests!

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