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If you are designing a modern wedding you may be shopping for picture wedding invitations. Picture invitations are modern and fun, and inserting current photos in wedding invitations is one way to certainly ensure that you will be able to keep your wedding stationery as a memorable keepsake for years to come.


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Picture Wedding Invitations - So Many Choices

If you are looking for picture invitations for your wedding, you might want to consider using this beautiful design. There are so many different choices of different styles of wedding invitations that use one of more photos of the couple. Using photo wedding invitations can double as a great keepsake years down the road - showing a photo or photos of the two of you before you tied the knot!

Picture Wedding Invitations - Layered Wedding Invitations

if you are looking for picture invitations but you either do not like the pocket wedding invitations or they are just outside of your budget, why not choose layered invitations with photos? These invitations are still rather modern and pretty, and they have a closer resemblance to the typical single-sided flat wedding invitation. The difference is a nice vellum overlay that is placed over the invitation to add extra charm to your wedding stationery.

Picture Wedding Invitations - Traditional Flat Wedding Invitations

If you are shopping for picture invitations which are more on the traditional side, this is a great example. It is also a good example of an affordable wedding invitation! 

Wedding Invitation Shopping:

The Leslie Store
Picky Bride

The colors, fonts, and photos are completely customizable so if you are looking to match your wedding colors or have a particular idea of what your wedding invitation should look like, you should be able to easily achieve it!

Picture Wedding Invitations - Folded Wedding Invitations

Folded picture invitations are another style you might be considering for your wedding. This style is also customizable for colors, photos, fonts, and wording. The folded invitation allows you to add more wedding details to the invitation without cluttering the looking of the wedding invitation itself.

Picture Wedding Invitations - Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

If you are looking for a modern wedding invitation, you can always try the photo boarding pass wedding invitation. This is a great invitation, it is cute but a lot of your guests will get actual use out of it - it can always double as a bookmark. They can use it as an actual bookmark, a bookmark in their calendar, or may hang it on the fridge or corkboard.

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