Fall Wedding Themes – How To Create A Fall Wedding Theme For Your Wedding

Ideas For a Fall Themed Wedding

Are you looking for fall wedding themes? If you are planning a fall-themed wedding we are here to help. We will give you plenty of ideas for colors, flowers, favors, and more complete with places to buy all the wedding products you need as well as helpful pictures to help you brainstorm for your big day!


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Fall Wedding Themes - Choosing The Wedding Colors

If you are planning a fall theme wedding, one of the first things you will probably want to address is the wedding colors. Autumn Weddings are full of beautiful, warm colors such as golds, browns, reds, oranges, and yellows. You can use these colors in anything and everything. Some examples would be linens, favors, flowers, centerpieces, decorations, and bridesmaid dresses. 

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Fall Wedding Themes - The Flowers

You can choose your flowers either by color or the ones available during the season. It is not that difficult to find colored flowers to match your own colors when you are having a fall theme wedding. You can start with a base of roses or carnations, and add other beautiful fall selections into your bouquets, centerpieces, and arrangements.

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fall wedding themes, fall weddings, orange wedding bouquets, orange bridal bouquets, fall wedding bouquets, autumn wedding bouquets

If budget is a concern it is important to remember to flowers in season are a much more budget-friendly option than ones out of season. If you are using a florist you should ask for the differences in prices for different combinations. 

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fall wedding themes, fall weddings, yellow wedding bouquets, yellow bridal bouquets, fall wedding bouquets, autumn wedding bouquets

For instance, if you know you want to use a flower out of season you might want to ask how much it would be for that flower to make up 100% of your bouquets or arrangements and then also ask for different combos and percentages. What if you used 75% that out of season flower and mixed in 25% a specific in-season flower and so forth.

Fall Wedding Themes - Wedding Stationery

The stationery is one of the first things that your guests get that is associated with your wedding. So if you are having a fall theme wedding, why now assert the theme early by choosing stationery in neutral colors or adorned with fall flowers or leaves? This way when your guests think about your wedding, they will think about the beautiful season which you are highlighting as well.

There are so many different stationery choices on the market today that you be able to find something you love pretty easily. For instance, you can get traditional with a white or cream invitation with just a brown border or you could get something with pumpkins or leaves on it. There is really something for everyone out there and available for you to find!

Fall Wedding Themes - The Favors You Give

If you are having a fall theme wedding, your favors should also be related to the season. You can choose autumn wedding favors based upon the colors, the decorations on the favors, or the tastes (if you are giving away edible favors). Some great choices are scented candles, flavored hot beverages, or fall-themed wine stoppers. You can get candy bars with leaves on the wrappers or pumpkin-flavored items like pumpkin spice latte or cappuccino mixes.

Fall Wedding Themes - The Dessert and Cake

Having a fall theme wedding can be a lot of fun and tasty too. You can decorate your cake to give it the autumn feel with leaves, berries, or in-season flowers. You could also use the colors of your wedding to match your personal fall wedding style.

fall wedding themes, fall wedding cakes, autumn wedding cakes, White Wedding Cake With Leaves
fall wedding themes, fall wedding cakes, autumn wedding cakes, White and Champagne Wedding Cake
fall wedding themes, fall wedding cakes, autumn wedding cakes, Chocolate Brown and Gold Wedding Cake

Of course, you can choose to do other things, such as have it be a more fall flavor like ginger, apple, or carrot cake. To take your fall wedding themes a step further you can offer additional desserts that would only fit in at a fall theme wedding such as mini pumpkin pies, pumpkin cookies, apple tarts, or apple raisin cookies.  

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