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Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

There are so many to choose from. How are you choosing the flowers for your wedding? You can choose flowers for your wedding in so many ways. You can match the flowers to the color scheme of the wedding, this is done a lot. It is only natural to want your wedding flowers to match the bridesmaids and the rest of the party.

You might decide upon the flowers before you even know the wedding date. This is rare but it does happen, especially to brides that have been planning their weddings for years, or at least dreaming of it. If you are unsure of the season you want to get married in but you want to choose the flowers anyway you might want to consider thinking of using only flowers which are available all year such as roses and carnations.

wedding flowers, wedding bouquet, purple wedding bouquet, purple and white wedding bouquet

Most couples do not broach the subject of flowers until they are well into planning their wedding. At this time you know the season you want to get married in. Whereas many people do use flowers that are available in all seasons, sometimes people wish to highlight the time of year they are getting married in by using flowers only available during that time period. If you want to do this you might use sweet pea for a spring wedding, daisies for a summer date, calla lilies for a fall wedding or heather flowers for a winter walk down the aisle.

wedding flowers, wedding bouquet, yellow wedding bouquet, yellow and white wedding bouquet

Perhaps you want to have a traditional wedding and choose flowers that fall within the picture you have in your head. Traditional or romantic flowers at weddings tend to go towards color schemes of white, cream, blush and light pink.

Don’t worry if traditional and romantic is not your thing, it really does not need to be anymore. All brides are unique. Feel free to use your wedding day as an opportunity to show your own style. If you don’t want romantic flowers, don’t have them. If your bridesmaids are dressed in hot colors such as orange or red, get flowers to match.

wedding flowers, wedding bouquets, pink and black wedding bouquet, fun wedding bouquets

There are so many ways to choose your wedding flowers from the colors you want, to the season, to how personal you want your wedding to be. If your husband to be has always sent you one kind of flower and it is personal to you, why not incorporate it into your wedding? There are so many different ways to be an individual when planning your wedding, don’t forget that choosing your wedding flowers is one of those ways!

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wedding flowers, wedding bouquet, red and white wedding bouquets
wedding flowers, wedding bouquets, white wedding bouquet, cream wedding bouquet
wedding flowers, wedding bouquets, black and white wedding bouquet, black and white wedding flowers
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