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During the wedding planning, it is important to include what bridal bouquet design you opt to; because the design of your bridal bouquet should not only depend to your wedding motif. Of course, you're the bride and you're the one who will carry it until the ceremony was over, so your bridal bouquet should fit you just right; the design of your wedding gown, the built of your body, your wedding theme and your personal preference.


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There are many kinds of bridal bouquet design that you can choose from. You can also personalize it by adding some accessories that will go well with the flowers and the design itself. If you want something inimitable, just add a little texture to it.

Bride Holding White Cascading Wedding Bouquet

Bride holding colorful pink, purple, blue and green wedding bouquet

The cascade bouquet is the right thing for you if you are planning to have a fairy tale or a traditional wedding theme. Graceful is what describes this bouquet, the most elegant type of bridal bouquet. It fits perfectly to customary and formal weddings. The flowers in this setting is bound together there are flowers that move down under the main portion of the garland.

Beautiful Red, White and Green Wedding Bouquet

If you want a shorter version of the cascade bouquet, a tear drop bouquet is the right one for you. It looks like a round bouquet but a little elongated and a more unique bridal bouquet design.

Bride holding Blue, white and green wedding bouquet

An over the arm bouquet has a casual appearance that is appropriate for both formal and informal wedding ceremonies. The stems of the flowers are kept long and accentuated with a pretty ribbon for a striking look. It is just right for brides who want to wear a modern wedding dress and hold a bigger bouquet than the usual. 

Beautiful pink, green and white wedding bouquet

Bridal Bouquet Design - Casual Weddings

If your wedding theme is a bit casual, like a beach wedding or a garden wedding, a garden bouquet would definitely be a perfect choice. It consists of several different flowers in a less formal arrangement.

Pretty Pink Wedding Bouquet

The nosegay type is a tradition since the fourteenth century. They used nosegay to masked if not eliminate odors that are distasteful; that's why it is called as such. Different flowers are clustered to create this beautiful item. You can choose to have the different flowers and colors that you like for this type of bouquet. Nosegay will always look elegant and neat when held by the bride.

Brides Holding Wedding Bouquets Wedding Collage
Wedding Collage of Bridal Bouquets

Bridal Bouquet Design - Formal Weddings

If you have a formal wedding and looking for a bridal bouquet design that is more striking than a nosegay bouquet but less remarkable than a cascade bouquet, you should go with a round bridal bouquet. It consists of larger flowers that arranged in a loose manner; the heads of the flowers should be pointing to the center so that when the bouquet becomes bigger, flowers' heads will slowly tilt to an outward position.

Wedding Collage of Wedding Bouquet Photos

The contemporary type of bridal bouquet design is for the bride who is fashionable and modern. For the bride-to-be who is hands-on in every single detail in the wedding; from planning to the actual ceremony, mostly abiding to her own style. This type of bouquet is lustrous and minimal; the whole style of the item is concentrated to the shape of the flower. Its simple sophistication makes it the perfect choice for the smart and modern woman.

Pink Wedding Bouquets Wedding Collage
Red Wedding Bouquets Wedding Collage

The hand-tied bridal bouquet design is more simplified and has a laid-back, ethereal feel. This is for the bride who doesn't want too much extravagance. The simple, hand-tied creation captivates with its unorganized regularity. It is made simply by tying the flowers together casually.

Purple Wedding Bouquets Wedding Collage
Yellow Wedding Bouquets Wedding Collage

The silk bridal bouquet design has minimal elements but has a luxurious style. This one uses silk flowers created to a beautiful collage of colors. This bouquet will never wither and will stay picture perfect throughout the ceremony; no matter how long it is. Another good thing about silk bridal bouquets is that they can be used as a memorabilia for that wondrous occasion.

Orange Wedding Bouquets Wedding Collage

Summer Wedding Bouquets Wedding Collage

No matter what bridal bouquet design you select, it is important that it should perfectly fits your personality and the way you want your bridal bouquet to be.

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