21 Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet Ideas and Photos

A Calla Lily bridal bouquet may be the perfect wedding bouquet for your wedding! If you're looking for an elegant and sophisticated kind of bridal bouquet, opt for a calla lily bridal bouquet. You can have it in different colors and sizes; for colored calla lilies, go for the minis and if you want a large one, have it in ivory color or white.


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Calla lily was originally from Africa, but today, you can find it almost everywhere in the world. It is available all year round; and as a cut flower, its beauty will remain between 4 to 8 days given a proper treatment.

large pink calla lily bouquet
pink calla lily bridal bouquet
white calla lily bouquet
pink and white calla lily bouquet

During the times of ancient Rome, calla lilies were famous for their light-giving loveliness. They are prominent in every celebration. Then after that, they became well-known for being one of the flowers used in funeral bouquets, because of their color (white calla lily). Nowadays, more brides are using calla lily to be their bridal bouquet because of its elegance and extraordinary beauty. It is also linked to lily which symbolizes purity.

Aside from being beautiful and stylish, calla lily bridal bouquet is advantageous in some other ways. Because it has soft stem, you will avoid ruining your gown and harm your hands made by sharp thorns (like that of roses and some other flowers). And also, because it has a long stem, it can store moisture more than enough to retain its freshness for a whole day celebration.

If you're planning a summer or spring wedding, you can save a lot by having calla lily bridal bouquet; in this time of the year, calla lilies are blooming and they're in-season. With various colors of calla lily, you can make a calla lily bridal bouquet that will suit any themed wedding.

For a church wedding, you can opt for a white calla lily bridal bouquet; it will be the best bridal bouquet for a traditional church wedding. If you'll be having a garden wedding, a bouquet in bright colors would be perfect to highlight your looks; you'll need different colors of mini calla lilies like pink, orange, yellow, and red.

For a themed wedding like fall weddings, an orange calla lily bridal bouquet would be the perfect bouquet to go with the festivity. It will accentuate the earth colors in your wedding decorations and set the mood for autumn.

There are also several flower arrangements that will suit the form of calla lilies. Calla lilies would fit nicely in a teardrop bouquet; it will bring out the elegance naturally. Another type of arrangement is the arm bouquet; the usual curve of calla lilies will definitely give the bouquet a more attractive appearance.

No matter what kind and size of arrangement you choose just make sure that it will go well with all the wedding decorations. Anyway, calla lily bridal bouquet will surely add a distinct style to any kind of weddings; be it contemporary or modern.

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