18 Wedding Ideas For Flowers You Will Love

See photos and get ideas for using natural and artificial flowers on your wedding day.

Many brides are looking for wedding ideas for flowers. There are many reasons why brides spend more time and energy picking the perfect arrangements. Sometimes it's just because they want the perfect wedding. Who doesn't want a perfect wedding?


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Wedding Ideas For Flowers Inspiration Board

Creating the perfect wedding includes picking out the best flowers! Some brides are looking to be more modern or unique, so they are taking another look at what type of flowers they can incorporate into their big day. Here are some wedding ideas for flowers.

Gorgeous Blue Roses Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Ideas For Flowers - Be Glamorous

Everyone wants to be glamorous at one time or another. What is a better reason there to go glam than your wedding day? Looking for glamorous wedding ideas for flowers? Well, these flowers would be dramatic, long-stemmed arrangements. They would look lush and beautiful, enchanting all on their own. They would tower over whatever container the centerpiece was holding in. Examples of these flowers include calla lilies, tulips, orchids, and hyacinths. The color could be whatever you like; however, pure whites and ivories work well mixed with deep browns and purples.

Bride Holding Beautiful White Wedding Bouquet with a touch of pink and beautiful greenery

Wedding Ideas For Flowers - Show Your Romantic Side

For many people, getting married is the most romantic and memorable occasion they will ever be a part of. Walking down the aisle to the man we will spend the rest of our lives with is the fairy tale many little girls live with and alter until they reach adulthood. It is a very romantic notion, and there is no reason not to incorporate romance into the wedding.

Ultra romantic or feminine women will appreciate using the colors of white, red, and different shades of pink throughout the wedding and the flower arrangements. If you are looking for wedding ideas for flowers that are romantic, consider using roses, pansies, peonies, or some irises. Using these colors and types of flowers in your bouquets, flower arrangements, and centerpieces will undoubtedly allow you to feel like the princess you ought to be on your wedding day.

Wedding Ideas For Flowers - The Outdoor Wedding

Many brides and grooms choose to be wed in nature, whether at a park, the beach, or as part of a destination wedding. If you are selecting an outdoor venue for your wedding, consider incorporating the colors of nature into your wedding ideas for flowers. Outdoor weddings tend to have more colorful flowers.

When brainstorming wedding ideas for flowers for an outdoor wedding, you might consider using different shades of yellow, orange, blue, green, red, and white. Some appropriate outdoor flowers for your bouquets and arrangements include roses, orchids, lilies of the valley, daisies, and gardenias.

Wedding Ideas For Flowers - Be a Modern Bride

Many brides are looking to create a more modern look at their weddings. You can do this in many ways, including the flowers you use, the colors you choose to represent your wedding, the type of arrangements you have, and many non-flower related things like the wedding dress and the other wedding apparel, well as venue and themes.

If you are looking for wedding ideas for flowers that scream modern, choose less feminine flower colors such as green and blue. The arrangements you use can make you look more like freshly picked flowers than overly designed arrangements. You could put different arrangements at each table instead of using the same design throughout your reception area. To create a modern wedding, some lovely flowers include cosmos, tulips, calla lilies, daisies, roses, and orchids.

Wedding Ideas For Flowers - Go Traditional

Even though modern weddings are becoming very popular, many brides still want everything about their wedding to scream traditional and elegant. Creating wedding ideas for flowers is easy when creating a traditional wedding. First, the colors will tend to be white, ivory or blush. If your bouquet is all white, it is trendy to make it contain different shades of white and ivories.

Many flowers come in these light colors, such as roses, French tulips, calla lilies, peonies, hydrangeas, lilacs, gardenias, and white violets. If you are really going for the traditional look and feel, you could add some ivy as a symbol of fidelity.

Wedding Ideas For Flowers - Using Artificial Flowers in Your Wedding

There are many reasons why couples use artificial wedding flowers for their wedding ceremony, wedding reception, and wedding decorations. Some couples use a combination of natural and artificial, while others only use silk flowers.

Although there are many reasons why artificial flowers have become more popular in recent weddings, here are three of the most common reasons or justifications that couples have in making this decision!

Artificial Flowers Can Be Cheaper. Cost can be a fundamental reason for many different wedding decisions. They can be a cheaper alternative overall. Fresh flowers can be expensive. Typically, you are not just paying for the cost of the flowers but for the experience and time of the florist and their staff. You can save a lot of money by choosing all artificial flowers. 

If you want to use some real flowers, it would be cheaper to use seasonal and everyday flowers from the florist and use artificial flowers that are out of season (they cost more) or as a way to use several different flowers in bouquets, arrangements, and centerpieces. 

When buying fresh flowers, it is far cheaper to also buy in bulk. Therefore, if you want to have just a few sunflowers or calla lilies, those would be an excellent choice to go artificial. 

Silk Flowers Can Be Reused. Another reason is that silk flowers can be reused, whereas fresh flowers will wilt and die. This will allow the couple to save the flowers to be reused for years to come in simple decorations, holiday arrangements, wreaths, and centerpieces.

Fake Flowers Can Come in Vivid Colors and Styles. Finally, artificial flowers can come in many different colors and styles. This can often result in striking and beautiful arrangements, bouquets, decorations, and centerpieces that can not be created with fresh flowers.

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