25 Stunning Winter Wedding Bouquets

Winter wedding bouquets are becoming more popular than ever before as more and more couples are deciding to get married in the colder months of the year. So how will you find your wedding bouquet? How do you choose the flowers? Read on for ideas.


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Winter Wedding Bouquets - Seasonal Flowers

Of course, the most obvious way to create a winter wedding bouquet   is to use seasonal flowers. Some winter flowers you will want to consider include roses, Forsythia, Hydrangea, and tulips. Whether you choose to use one or all of these varieties of your bouquet, using flowers available during the season is not only festive, but cost-effective.

winter wedding bouquets Collage

It is always cheaper to use flowers that are readily available at the time of your wedding. It is certainly an option to use out of season flowers as well; however, this will cost you extra money. To find out the cost difference, you should discuss this with your wedding florist.

White Wedding Bouquet For a Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding Bouquets - Flowers Available All Year

Another option would be to make your winter wedding bouquet with flowers available throughout the year. You can either choose to use all flowers from this list or you can sprinkle in winter flowers or even flowers available in different seasons if you can afford it.

pink and white Winter Bridal Bouquet

Flowers available all year long include lily of the valley. Baby breathe, stargazer lily, carnations, calla lillies , freesia, ivies, Astilbe, and Stephanotis. You can use any combination of these flowers to help make your winter wedding bouquet. Of course it is possible to have winter wedding bouquets without using flowers from winter or available all year long, but using these types of flowers makes your bouquet more authentic to the season.

Pretty Pink Roses Winter Bridal Bouquet

Winter Wedding Bouquets - Choosing By Color

The last method used to choose the flowers in your winter wedding bouquet, and probably the most popular, is to match the flowers to your winter wedding colors. Popular winter wedding colors include red, green, silver, gold, white and ice blue. Which colors you choose will depend on the type of wedding you are having.

Red and White Winter Wedding - Bride with Red Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaids With White  Bouquets

For instance if your wedding is near Christmastime and you are looking to be festive any of the above colors would be a good choice but reds and greens are a popular choice. If you are having a wedding around Valentine's Day you might choose red, whereas if you are having a winter wonderland theme you would probably use ice blue, white and silver.

Winter Bride With Beautiful Wedding Bouquet

Winter Wedding Bouquets - Photo Examples

Bride with White Wedding Bouquet
Blue and White Wedding Bouquet
Pretty White Rose Wedding Bouquet
Pretty Pink, White and Red Bridal Bouquet
Pretty Pink and Champagne Wedding Bouquet
Pink and White Bridal Bouquets
Bride holding white and green bridal bouquet
Bride with pretty white and blue wedding bouquet
White and Green Bridal Bouquet

If you are looking for the perfect winter wedding bouquet you are probably looking for photos as well as ideas. Here are some great photos to consider when designing your own bouquet.

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