24 Lovely Orchid Bridal Bouquets For Your Wedding

An orchid bridal bouquet will defintely complete your look on your very big day. The elegance and beauty of orchids is a perfect choice for any kind of wedding, be it a casual or a formal one. An orchid symbolizes perfection and individuality because it will still look stunningly beautiful even without any embellishments. 


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Though orchids may look very delicate and fragile, but the truth is, it is one of the most long-lasting flowers suitable for any type of flower arrangements. This is the reason why it is the perfect wedding bouquet to any bride. An orchid wedding bouquet can last the whole day without getting dull and wasted. 

There are so many varieties of orchids you can choose from, actually they are one of the biggest families in the plant kingdom with over 20,000 varieties. They come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. If you're an orchid lover, you can have the best variety of orchids that will suit the motif of your wedding and the style of wedding bouquet that you want. 

Orchids, unlike any flowering plants, are not that easy to grow that is why it is more expensive than any other flowers. They need special amount of attention for them to grow and have flowers. They are really delicately beautiful. Cymbidium, vandal, dendrobium, and mokara are the famous orchids use in orchid bridal bouquets

You can also highlight your orchid wedding bouquet using ribbons and natural greenery as embellishments. If you want an elaborate bouquet, you can add any flower suitable for the arrangement; roses, calla lilies and carnations can be a perfect match to your orchids for your orchid bridal bouquet

The fact that orchids are expensive and seasonal, it really won't matter to any bride to be who want to have it on her wedding day. Silk and artificial orchids are widely used nowadays as substitute for fresh orchids which are cheaper than the fresh one. Though artificial, they can still offer an unbelievable beauty to your wedding bouquet. Aside from that, you have unlimited options to select from, because these flowers can be made and crafted to the one you prefer. 

An orchid bridal bouquet is a classy and elegant wedding bouquet any girl could have on her most awaited day. Either fresh or silk, orchids are the perfect flowers to be used for bouquets and other flower arrangements because they are exotic and chic. 

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