Fall Wedding Flowers - 21 Delightful Ideas To Bring To Your Wedding

How do you choose your fall wedding flowers?


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When most people think about weddings and wedding season they think about summer weddings, brides and grooms committing to each other between June and August. Of course the majority of the weddings still occur in the summer many more couples are getting married in the fall. September and October are especially beautiful months to marry in, and the fall wedding flowers are no exception.

The color scheme for fall flowers is amazing, hot colors such as red and orange make beautiful arrangements whether they are in bouquets or table arrangements at the reception.

One of the most popular fall flowers is the calla lily. The calla lily is beautiful and comes in a variety of colors. You can use the white calla lily to add traditional accents to darker arrangements. However if you do not want to use white in your flower selection at all that is fine too, calla lilies come in such vivid colors like deep purple, lavender, coral and shades of orange and yellows.

Marigold is another popular choice of flowers for a fall wedding. The orange, yellow, and reds of this flower group merge together to create beautiful arrangements. Of course roses are also a popular choice for all seasons. Roses come in so many colors; you can fit them into any arrangement or bouquet perfectly.

Some other beautiful fall wedding flowers are aster, cosmos, hydrangeas, lavender, sunflowers, and zinnia. There are also a number of flowers that are year round that you can use such as Asiatic lilies, babies breathe, carnations, gardenia, Iris and Orchids.

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