Autumn Wedding Bouquets - Ideas and Inspiration For Your Fall Wedding

See 15 beautiful autumn wedding bouquet ideas today, be inspired and get ideas for your bridal bouquets.

Are you going to buy autumn wedding bouquets? If you are getting married during the fall season, take advantage of the rich colored flowers to make your fall wedding bouquets. It will save you a lot of money, and you can also have a wide variety of flowers to choose from. Colors in this season range from yellow to orange and to deep brown.


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Autumn Wedding Bouquets Inspiration Board

Aside from flowers, you can also use some other materials that are in abundance during this time of the year. You can use other products like berries and grains; when added, twigs and grasses can make a difference to your autumn wedding bouquet.

Autumn Wedding Bouquets - Include Red

There are lots of colorful flowers that you can use for your fall wedding bouquets. Roses in different colors are available all time of the year. Red roses are the most popular flower used in weddings, and they can be paired with any color you like to create your wedding bouquet. If you want to use red flowers aside from roses for your autumn wedding flowers, you can try mums, calla lilies, red daisies, and carnations, just to name a few.

Fall Wedding Bouquet with Orange, Yellow and Red RosesFall Wedding Bouquet with Orange, Yellow and Red Roses
photo credit: Bride's Bouquet via photopin (license)

Autumn Wedding Bouquets - Include Yellow and Orange

If you're not into dark-colored flowers, you can choose yellow and orange flowers to make your autumn wedding flowers. It will not only make a beautiful arrangement, but it can also brighten your looks because of its bright colors. Example of these flowers includes orchids, sunflowers, roses, daisies, and calla lilies. You can also incorporate these flowers into a deep-colored bouquet to make a contrasting but elegant appearance.

Autumn Wedding Bouquet With Yellow RosesAutumn Wedding Bouquet With Yellow Roses
photo credit: bridal bouquet via photopin (license)

Autumn Wedding Bouquets - Don't Forget Green and White

Remember to use your wedding colors in moderation. You might want to add green or white flowers to the bouquet to complete the look without being too dark. You might want to consider green flowers, including hellebores, chrysanthemums, zinnia, hydrangea, and spidermums. Of course, there are so many white flowers to choose from. A partial list includes petunia, wisteria, lilies, calla lilies, tulip, gerbera daisies, hibiscus, hydrangea, daffodil, magnolia, delphiniums, dogwood, marigold, and water lilies.

bride holding autumn wedding bouquet with blue, dark purple and white flowersBride holding autumn wedding bouquet with blue, dark purple and white flowers
photo credit: Bouquet via photopin (license)

Autumn Wedding Bouquets - Fillers

When selecting flowers for your fall wedding bouquets, choose the fillers suitable for your arrangement. You can use hypericum berries, dried green grasses or leaves, copper beech, and vine maple to add texture and color to the autumn wedding bouquet. You can also include cinnamon sticks in your bouquet to create a unique bridal bouquet.

autumn wedding bouquet with green flowersAutumn wedding bouquet with green flowers
photo credit: Bride's bouquet via photopin (license)

Autumn Wedding Bouquets - Hiring a Florist

Hiring a florist to make your wedding bouquets will make it easier for you. Just make sure that you inform the florist ahead of time, so the flowers you want to be included in your wedding will be bought early so you will get the best flowers for the wedding.

And the most essential detail to be incorporated when crafting your autumn wedding bouquet is the overall blending of all the flowers and flower arrangements in your bridal bouquet. Even if you have a wedding planner and a florist, you should check the wedding preparations, it's your wedding, after all.

Bride and bridesmaid Wedding Photo - Bride with White Bouquet, bridesmaids with striking orange floral bouquetsBride and bridesmaid Wedding Photo - Bride with White Bouquet, bridesmaids with striking orange floral bouquets
photo credit: S + K via photopin (license)

Although the florist is needed for these steps, first you should understand how to find the right one! Here are some tips for finding your perfect florist.

First of all, see who is out there. Depending upon where you live, you could have hundreds to choose from or only a few. Call around and find out if they do weddings, how much time they require to be hired before the wedding, and if they are available on your wedding day.

Orange and Red Floral Wedding BouquetsOrange and Red Floral Wedding Bouquets
photo credit: S + K via photopin (license)

Once you have found a few to several to choose from, it is time to narrow down your choices.

First, you want to determine your floral style and then see if it is a good match. You will need the florist for bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, floral centerpieces, and other decorations at the ceremony and reception. What each couple desires and requires can be vastly different. You want a florist who can make your vision come to life. For instance, if you're going to have an ultra-modern affair, you might want to pass on a more traditional florist.

Orange Wedding Bouquet With Christian Cross Bouquet JewelryOrange Wedding Bouquet With Christian Cross Bouquet Jewelry
photo credit: Bouquet via photopin (license)

Once you have narrowed your choices to who you think you could work with to create the perfect wedding bouquets and centerpieces, you want to see what they have already done. Ask if they have a wedding portfolio. Check out any photos or videos of their work that you can. Find out if they have worked at the ceremony or reception sites. If they have, ask if they have any suggestions or areas for which they cannot provide flowers.

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Find out what your responsibilities are versus theirs. For instance, do they deliver the flowers, if so, to the ceremony and reception, or is it up to you to transfer from one site to another? Do they work directly with the ceremony and reception management, or is that up to you? Do they just deliver, or do they set up as well? Do they provide other services like fabric rentals for draping, candle holders, or other wedding decorations?

Although the florist is essential in choosing your fall wedding bouquets (and all your flower needs), I hope you can see how important choosing the right one is!

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