Wedding Registry  

Are you starting to plan your wedding registry? Most couples who get married decide to create a wedding registry that contains things that the couple either wants or needs to start their life. Sometimes these are the basics such as items for the kitchen or the bathroom, basics that people would need when they are leaving home or moving in together for the first time, however for many couples they have already lived together, owned their own home or been on their own for years.

So while it is entirely possible that the couple may need new plates, flatware and towels it is just as possible that they have these things and they do not know what to put on the wedding registry.

Your wedding registry is yours and you can choose to put whatever you want on it, including more high end or unique items such as fine art, furniture or even gaming systems.

Just like you should plan the wedding you want not the one that is expected of you, you should ask for the things you really want individually and as a couple no matter what other people think of this. Make sure that all aspects of your wedding make you happy, not others!

We will be doing a series of pages dedicated to all the awesome things you can put on a wedding registry from traditional items to more obscure, fun and modern items a modern couple might want or need.

Couples come in all shapes in sizes from people just out of high school or college to people with established careers or families. Ask for what you want and need.

Where to have a wedding registry

Although most people have some kind of local registy as a brick and mortar store I would suggest you also have one at Amazon. The ideas that you will see on our wedding registry pages will come directly from amazon. You can easily search for things to add on to your list at home and you can also add things you like from other online stores.

There are other benefits such as getting a discount after your wedding on a one time purchase (maybe a bigger item you did not get but still want), having your gifts shipped directly to you, having the information on who bought what created in a thank you list --- that will certainly make sending thank you cards easier. You will also have an extended return policy for gifts!

Regardless of where you register or what you ask for just remember to have a good time picking your gifts, think about the things you want now and in the future!

I hope you enjoy the following pages with great wedding registry ideas!!

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