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On the surface it seems so simple doesn’t it? You find a photographer and hire them. They will take pictures of you and everyone you love on your wedding day. Everything will be beautiful and perfect and you will have the perfect pictures to hang in your home and the ultimate wedding album. Everyone can dream right?

Photography for your wedding can be like that. Well, sort of.

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Most likely the perfect photographer will not simply fall out of the sky. First you need to locate and research possible candidates. You need to make sure they are available for your wedding. Next you have to be sure that the cost is okay with you and your budget and then you might hire someone, hopefully you will find someone you are comfortable with right away and not after looking through too many photographers wedding albums and best shots.

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Hiring a photographer, the right photographer for you, is just like anything else in your wedding. If you want to find the best fit for you and your day you will need to research and interview more than one candidate. You should know a little something about wedding pictures and what exactly you want going into this project. The more you know the better your chances will be to find the photographer you will love.

One more thing about wedding photography. Remember when I said that you would be hiring someone? Good. What I did not mention was that most vendors you hire for the wedding, including the ones covering photography and videography, will require a contract. Click Here for an example of a Photography Contract

Looking for your own photographer, but do not know how to start this process? There are some websites out there that really help you to find a wedding photographer, with professional advice and directories. The internet is a great resource for planning your wedding!

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