Wedding Photographers - How To Hire Yours

Wedding Photographers are important. You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Believe me, they are. Just ask any bride to flip through her wedding album and she will probably be able to look at several pictures and tell you a story about her wedding and when that picture was taken. 


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The wedding album and the pictures displayed upon your walls will be with you forever. You want to make sure your wedding photographers do a great job! 

Sometimes when we are planning our wedding we are a little bit overwhelmed. Okay, that would be most of the time! But that is okay and even expected. That is why we are here! To simplify everything that you need to do. This includes giving you some examples of what questions to ask wedding photographers. 

Listed below you will find questions that you may want to include in your interviews of potential wedding photographers. Remember the photographer is applying for a prestigious position, being lucky enough to be in charge of photographing and documenting your wedding and reception. Not anyone will do. You need to hire someone who is good at their job and someone who you feel comfortable being around as they will be basically shadowing you on your wedding day. Now here are the questions and tips on hiring your photographer. 

  • Ask to see a portfolio or other wedding albums he has done. Find out if your potential photographer only does weddings. If not find out how much of his or her experience is from weddings.

  • Ask about their photography style. Find out if they have a preference between candid shots and formal portraits. If not how do they combine the two? Will it be 50/50 or another ratio?
wedding photography, bride and bouquet
  • Find out what kind of camera they use, including whether or not they shoot in digital. If so find out about obtaining digital rights (so you can display your photos online and save on your computer). If digital rights are available how much will they be?

  • Find out if the paper used to print your photographs are acid free and archival quality. Make sure thepictures will last the test of time.

  • Find out if the wedding photographers has done other jobs at either your wedding site or reception site. If so ask if they have any proofs of those occasions. Either way find out if they have any suggestions for certain places to take pictures at those sites.

  • If your photographer has never photographer one or all of these sites find out whether or not they are willing to scout out the sites beforehand. Ask what their normal procedure for that is.

  • Find out if they use a shot list. If they do can you see it. Can it be altered to remove shots you do not want taken or to add additional shots that you wish to have.

  • Find out if they only use color or if they do any of the photographs in black and white.

  • Find out who, if any, will be their assistant.

  • Pricing. There are many questions that revolve around the price as this is not a cheap wedding vendor. Find out their price. Ask how many photos are included. Find out if that includes pre-wedding pictures, when the bride and groom are getting ready. If not will the photographer be available then? If so, how much extra will it cost. Is the proof book part of the price or is that extra as well?

  • Find out how long after the wedding will the proofs be ready. Then ask if there is a timeframe which thepictures can be ordered in off the proofs.

  • Find out about their cancellation party.

  • Ask for references.

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