Coming Up With Wedding Menu Ideas

Find Wedding Reception Menu Ideas

Are you looking for wedding menu ideas? Even though there are great heartfelt memories made during your ceremony, the reception is both romantic and fun. Most guests look forward to the reception more than the actual wedding. Why? That’s an easy one. The wedding reception is fun, not to mention delicious. What do you think of when you think wedding reception? Many people think something along the lines of great people, great food and an over abundance of alcohol. Sounds like a blast, doesn’t it? Great! Now it is time for you to start planning it, find wedding reception menu ideas

There are many decisions you are going to need to make with your fiancé. What kind of setting are you creating for your reception? Are you having a dinner reception, starting at say 5 or 6 in the evening? If so are you planning on serving a buffet style meal or a sit down meal? Is there a reason (besides cost) that either one especially appeals to you? How are you going to come up with wedding reception menu ideas?

Are you planning a later reception and want to skip the whole dinner question and just have a cocktail party as your reception? That’s fine and it can certainly be done but it will shorten your reception time considerably.

What about other ideas, how do you come up with wedding menu ideas? Have you considered having your reception outside of the traditional reception sites and instead choosing something like a home, a park or the beach? If so those are even different. You can do anything from catered meals to luaus or even barbeques.

What about the alcohol? At most receptions the alcohol is flowing. Again, this is fine. However be warned the alcohol is one of the major items that makes the reception so pricey.

Are you going to limit your guests to cocktail hour or will alcohol be available all night?

The menu is certainly important. What you need to figure out first is what you want followed by what you cannot abide by because after you decide what you want you need to consider your guests needs and make decisions based on both of them. For instance a beach luau may seem like a fabulous idea to you, but if you really know your family would disapprove would you plan it anyway?

Now is the time to start thinking about what you want, what you can afford. You need to realize all your options before you can make any real decisions.

So Let’s Start Planning!

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