Themed Wedding Food Ideas

Are you looking for wedding food ideas? Engagement Party is over and for sure you are now detailing the wedding plans. At this time, you might have chosen a theme for your wedding. Thematic weddings such as Beach Weddings, Chinese Weddings, Hawaiian Wedding and other themed weddings are not just about the wedding decorations. It is not just about the gowns and dresses that your guests wear. Wedding Food Ideas are important to complete the theme. 


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Wedding Food Ideas - Hawaiian Weddings

Hawaiian Weddings are becoming popular nowadays. I know that going to Hawaii is expensive, but do you really need to go to Hawaii to have such kind of weddings? Hawaii is known for its beaches and because it is a tropical island, it is known for its tropical fruits. Your Wedding Food Ideas might include mouth watering fresh seafood dishes combined with grilled meat. Never forget the lobsters and shrimps as appetizers or part of the main dish. You can add fresh fruits for the dessert. A simple cake with a palmed wedding top will do. Complete the theme with tropical fruit juice and coconut drink. 

Wedding Food Ideas - Mexican Weddings

Wedding can also be a time for a fiesta celebration with Mexican food. You might want to list down those wedding food ideas such as tortilla and salsa for appetizers, stuff those tacos and burritos with your favorite chilis, serving the lengua for the main course is accepted. Mexican weddings are known for rums and fruitcakes so never forget this in your list. Complete the Mexican themed wedding with lime punch and margarita. 

Wedding Food Ideas - Western Weddings

Grilled Dishes, Steak and Fish are always included in the western wedding food ideas. Serve with your favorite burgers and hotdogs, and dishes with BBQ sauce (like ribs) and wedding cakes in brown is a sure hit for western wedding themes. Traditional white wedding cakes will do but be sure to decorate it with some cowboy styled icings or cake tops. Western Weddings are known for overflowing beers and brandies. Get ready with those root beers for those who do not want hard drinks. 

Wedding Food Ideas - Asian Weddings

Asian Weddings vary depending on which Asian country you are from. Sushis, Maki, Tempura, sukiyaki and Sashimi for Japanese theme while Dim Sum, a small portion of food served in steamers or small plate is Chinese. Serve with hot tea to complete the theme. If you go for traditional Chinese wedding, then you must prepare ten courses. Chinese are known for Lotuses and Dragons. Designing your cakes with these items is believed to provide double happiness to the union. 

You might want to include your favorite food in the menu, after all it is your day but do remember that the list of wedding food ideas should coincide with the wedding theme. 

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