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Winter wedding gowns are being sought after more and more these days as the days are gone when brides choose to get married in the warm months only. The only problem is that even though many brides are not getting married in the colder months of the year the dresses they often choose would not really be considered winter wedding gowns. These brides should really consider wearing winter wedding dresses. 

Even though these brides decide to get married when it is definitely not summertime weather so many still opt to wear short sleeve and sleeveless wedding dresses. Sure you will look beautiful, but you will not be comfortable. If you want to be comfortable on your wedding day I would suggest that when you are picking out winter wedding gowns that you either pick one which is actually designed for the season or to pick something to wrap yourself in fashionable if you are too uncomfortable. 

Of course the easiest choice would be to purchase winter wedding gowns meant to withstand the colder weather. This would mean that the gown would at least have long sleeves. If you really want to be all decked out for the season you could choose a winter wedding dresses which is made of heavier but wonderful fabrics such as satin, velvet, brocade and heavy lace. There are many beautiful winter wedding gowns to choose from, it only takes a little extra shopping, online or off, to find them. 

We do understand though if you still want to wear the slinky or sleeveless dress. If this is a must, just make sure you are prepared to deal with the cold. You will need some kind of cover up or wrap in case the weather is just too much to bear. Just because you are getting married in the winter does not mean you should spend your day shivering and miserable. Remember you are the bride and your happiness is of the upmost importance. It is your day, make sure you are comfortable. 

So what kind of wraps would you consider wearing? If you are afraid of crushing your beautiful gown you may want to wear a cape and shawl draped over you. It will provide warmth and a dramatic effect without ruining your dress for when you are ready to take of the extra layers. If you would rather have a coat how about a fur or faux fur coat – fur definitely screams winter and as the beautiful winter bride you would look wonderful with this combo of sleeveless dress and fur coat. Want to use a cover up that is not white or off white? You could consider using a wrap or coat that matches your wedding colors, a nice way to incorporate your wedding theme into even the least nice parts of the day like needing to cover up the beautiful dress because of the weather! 

Whether you choose to go with a long dress with sleeves made out of a winter suitable material or you choose to wear your dream wedding dress just make sure you are prepared for the elements. Remember a bride should never be unhappy or uncomfortable. 

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