25 Pink Bridesmaid Dresses: Pink Wedding Ideas You Will Love

Get inspired with pink wedding ideas and 25 pink dresses for the bridal party.

Are you shopping for pink bridesmaid dresses? Pink is a great wedding color. It is romantic and pretty and comes in many shades, from the palest and most delicate pink to hot pink, which can make a bold statement.


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Pink Bridesmaid Dresses Inspiration Board

So how will you choose what pink bridesmaid dresses are perfect for your girls? There are several ways you can decide which will work best for your wedding.

Pink Bridesmaid Dresses - Match Them to Your Wedding Colors

If pink is your primary wedding color, you may want to match the bridesmaid dresses to your color. You can either try for an exact match of the correct shade of pink, or you can use a contrasting shade of pink. If you want control over every aspect of your wedding, consider choosing the dresses, from the shade you want them to wear to the length and style.

Pink Bridesmaid Dresses - Allow The Girls To Choose

Since pink has a wide variety of options, consider allowing your party to select pink bridesmaid dresses. We know it is your big day, and the ultimate choice is up to you, but there is nothing wrong with giving your family and friends a little choice. I am sure you have seen your share of ugly bridesmaid dresses, and you do not want that happening at your wedding, do you?

If you do not care about the shade of pink, allow your bridesmaids to choose the style and shade as a group, but tell them that you have the power of veto - it is your wedding, after all! Of course, if you have a specific image in mind, you can ask them to work within that image. But allowing them to have a say in what they will wear will only make your bridesmaids happier!

Pink Bridesmaid Dresses - Add Other Colors Too

If you want to add other colors or break up the brightness of the dress with a pattern or design, that is okay too. Colors can also be added in outside elements, such as sashes, wraps, or jackets. With pink bridesmaid dresses, your possibilities are quite endless!

Pink Bridesmaid Dresses – Adding a Modern Touch

Many women avoid the color pink in their weddings due to some color connotations. For instance, some people associate pink with childhood, being overly girly, or being a princess. However, there are many modern ways to use pink in your wedding in an adult and contemporary way.

Pinks can get a bad reputation because of how a particular shade may look with a specific skin tone or hair color. However, the thing about pink wedding gowns is that they come in so many different shades that you can find one for every hair color and skin tone. 

Although pink is associated with warmer weather, there is no reason you can not choose this color for a fall or winter wedding. It is all about the shade you choose and the rest of the wedding décor. 

Style is the other thing to consider when looking for a modern pink dress. Many styles can modernize the look and feel of a pink bridesmaid gown. Some of these styles can include short dresses, asymmetrical dresses, slip dresses, or traditional long gowns in modern hues like rose gold, dusty gold, or pale pink.

Pink Bridesmaid Dresses – Modern Color Combinations

We already discussed adding other colors to pink for a more modern vibe. Now let's talk about some fun pink color combinations to consider. This can be accomplished with the bridesmaid dresses or by using the color combinations in the wedding decorations and stationery.

Classic Pink. If you are looking for anything pink, you can mix the classic shades of pink with many other colors. 

  • If you are looking for a traditional or romantic color scheme, you can combine pink with white and ivory.
  • If you are looking for a more modern look, combine pink with jewel tones, especially ones in reds, purples, and pinks. 
  • A softer look could be created by incorporating pastels into your color scheme. 
  • Want to be daring? Add unlikely colors, such as hot pink, lime green, and burnt orange.

Rose Gold. Rose gold has become popular for just about every aspect of weddings over the last several years. Check out these color combinations.

  • The most traditional look using this color would combine rose gold, blush, and ivory. The metallic tones in rose gold help straddle the line between conventional and dramatic.
  • For Fall and Winter weddings, you can mix light and dark colors for the season. A great choice would be rose gold, pale pink, and charcoal.
  • For a bold choice, go with rose gold and navy. This will look great for every season. The dark bold of the navy color will brighten the rose gold and make it stand out even more. 
  • For a soft but metallic look, combine pale pink, rose gold, and yellow gold.

Blush. The other pink shade that is super popular is blush. Blush is often used in romantic or fairytale weddings. Here are some different color combinations to consider.

  • If you are looking for an elegant combination, you can use rose gold and blush together.
  • Gray and blush can create a beautiful contrasting color combination. Add some shades of green to add a romantic aspect.
  • A modern color combination would be plum and blush. These colors together would create a beautiful pink and purple theme. 
  • Blush and sage green look fantastic together. They are both understated colors that, when combined, have an elegant, traditional and refined look. 

Pink Bridesmaid Dresses We Love

Still looking for some ideas for pink bridesmaid's gowns? Here are some more options for your wedding!

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