Small Wedding Ideas – Wedding Themes and Colors That are even Easier With a Small Wedding

Are you looking for some great small wedding ideas? Small weddings are the perfect chance to have things just the way you like without having to worry about a large number of guests. It also allows you to have your guests participate in both the ceremony and the reception to make the event truly unforgettable. Plus, small weddings are easier on everyone's budget while still allowing for a beautiful time.


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Small Wedding Ideas: Decorations

When the wedding is small and intimate, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) brides can put all their creativity to the test. Coming up with small wedding ideas can be a lot of fun! Centerpieces and wedding favors are much easier to make than to buy when the party is smaller. Centerpieces can be anything from fresh flowers in a quaint glass vase to an arrangement of colorful votive candles, to a tiny aquarium, to a mini Christmas tree, depending on the season and theme of your event.

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small wedding ideas, floral wedding centerpieces, DIY wedding centerpieces
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You can get a few of your friends to help you make lovely and original favors including chocolates, mini picture frames, and much more depending on the theme of your wedding. This will not only make your wedding unique and keep your guests entertained but it will also save you quite a few dollars. 

small wedding ideas, candle wedding favors, pretty wedding favors
cupcake wedding tier, white and silver wedding cupcakes, star cupcake wedding tower

Having a small wedding does not mean you need to go the DIY route. If you choose to have professionally made centerpieces, decorations and favors you can choose to save money due to fewer decorations and favors needed. Of course, you can also go the opposite way. Since you have fewer tables to decorate and fewer favors to give if your budget dictates you can actually buy nicer wedding decorations and favors if you choose to do so!

Small Wedding Ideas: Ceremony

Now it is time to come up with small wedding ideas for the wedding ceremony. Small wedding ceremonies are the perfect chance to get everyone involved. You can have members of both families join in the celebration by reading Bible passages, personal speeches, or short poems of love. Plus, your parents or friends can join you in such ceremonies as the candle unity ceremony or the sand ceremony. Small weddings can even be held at someone's home to make for an even more intimate occasion.

small wedding ideas, fall wedding arch, autumn wedding arch
small wedding arch, pink and floral wedding arch, pink and floral wedding decor

When you have fewer guests to entertain it is certainly possible to have your wedding ceremony at an alternative location. When you have fewer guests to seat it might be easier to have a rustic backyard wedding, a garden wedding, or a beach wedding. These are options to consider if you are inviting fewer guests. 

Small Wedding Ideas: Reception

What kind of small wedding ideas can you come up with for the reception? Receptions for small weddings are often much more fun than huge receptions for hundreds of guests. Small wedding receptions can be intimate dinner parties at a family member's home or at a fancy restaurant. As mentioned earlier, they can include simple DIY centerpieces and favors. Or they can be more casual, such as a Sunday barbecue.

small wedding ideas, pink and yellow decorations, pink and yellow wedding centerpiece
small wedding ideas, pink wedding centerpieces, creative wedding centerpieces, floral and candle wedding centerpiece

Plus, if your reception is small, you can add an original touch by serving wedding cupcakes instead of one wedding cake or making it a poolside reception. If you have a small destination wedding, the reception can be combined with other hotel or tourist activities to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones and closest friends. 

The food options are certainly more open for a small wedding, as you can order services or food to feed 50 – 75 people easier than a few hundred. You might want to consider hiring an ice cream truck or a food truck for awesome and modern desserts and snacks. 

small wedding ideas, rustic wedding cupcakes, wedding cupcake ideas
small wedding ideas, wedding centerpieces, creative wedding decorations, homemade wedding centerpieces

If you or members of the wedding party are particularly talented at dessert-making you might consider creating an elaborate dessert table to do along with the normal wedding cake.

Small Wedding Ideas – The Possibilities Are Endless

Having a small wedding does not mean your wedding can not be whatever a large wedding in. You can have any type of wedding you want – traditional, elegant, modern, rustic – your options are completely open. 

When you have fewer guests to serve and less space to decorate and coordinate it is even easier to create specific wedding themes (like rustic weddings, beach weddings, or autumn-themed wedding) or to create beautiful color combinations that pop even more in a smaller space.

So think about what you want out of your wedding and if there are any specific styles and themes you want to try. Have fun brainstorming small wedding ideas.

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