Fall Wedding Favor Ideas

Are you looking for fall wedding favor ideas? Autumn weddings can be extremely beautiful; this is the time of the year which is associated with deep colors or orange, yellow and red. Fall weddings are becoming more popular as are the wedding favors associated with the season. 


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Fall Wedding Favor Ideas - Themes To Consider

So what types of themes will you be considering? It all depends on how much you want to highlight the season. The most popular fall wedding theme is leaves. Anything associated with leaves will remind your guests of the beautiful autumn wedding you had. Of course you can also use other things such as pumpkins, gourds, candy apples, or apple cider. 

If you do not want your favor to be as obvious, especially if you have something in mind that is not directly related to the season, you can add a seasonal touch by using deep colors such as brown, red, yellow or orange in either the actual favor itself or to wrap it up. If you cannot change the favor color, you can always add a festive bow or some ribbon to accentuate the season. 

Fall Wedding Favor Ideas - Candles

When you are looking for fall wedding favor ideas, you cannot go wrong with candles or candle holders. There are many different leaf designed candles that you could choose. Of course these can come in a number of sizes and styles from floating candles and votives to large jar candles. 

Fall Wedding Favor Ideas - Edible Favors

Edible favors are very popular these days. You can choose to either give out one favor only or use an edible wedding favor as the secondary favor, allowing your guests to take home a keepsake as well as to enjoy something yummy at the reception. 

As far as fall wedding favor ideas go, the edible favor is a good one. Edible favors have two distinct kinds: things to be enjoyed immediately, and things to enjoy later. Some edible fall wedding favor ideas include chocolate, mints, cookies, and pumpkin or sunflower seeds. Edible favors to enjoy later include coffee beans, tea, hot cocoa mixes, cookie mixes, and drink mixes. 

Fall Wedding Favor Ideas - Other Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

So you're looking for fall wedding favor ideas but you do not want to give food or candles, what else can you buy? There are plenty of options out there. Some of these include bookmarks, notebooks, coaster, magnets, soap, wine stoppers and more.

Fall Wedding Favor Ideas - DIY Wedding Favors

Most people choose to buy the favors they give because it is easier and fun shopping. However there are some people that really enjoy making their favors (along with many other things for their wedding). If you are the DIY type, what are you thinking of making? The most obvious thing would be something edible. Cutout cookies, mini cakes and chocolate from molds are probably the easiest and most popular options. You could also make apple cider, apple butter, as well as roasted sunflower or pumpkin seeds. 

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