Decorations For Wedding Tables

Are you looking for decorations for wedding tables? There are many different ways to decorate the reception, some of the most popular include wedding centerpieces and other smaller wedding table decorations. Learn more about the different choices available and get some ideas for how you want your wedding reception to look.


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Decorations For Wedding Tables - Table Shape and Size

Before you can even get into the wedding table decorations you need to understand what you are decorating. The first thing you need to know is the shape and the size of the individual tables. If you have already picked a location for the reception you should inquire if the tables are set and there is only one choice or if you have options. If you have options what are they?

decorations for wedding tables, round wedding table
decorations for wedding tables, rectangle wedding tables

Typically you will either see a few long rectangular tables put together in long rows or many smaller circular tables which will seat between 8 – 12 guests per table. It is important to know what type of tables the reception will have in order to properly plan for it!

Decorations For Wedding Tables - Linens and Runners

When you are starting to decorate you should start at the beginning. You may have the best ideas for centerpieces, charms and trim, but first we have to start at the basics. Once you have chosen the shape and size of the table, we need to cover it with linen and even possible some kind of runner especially if you have a rectangular table.

The linens you are going to choose will impact the look and feel of the reception. The first thing you want to know is if you are going to have a traditional looking wedding table or are you looking for something a little bit more on the bold side? A traditional table would have a tablecloth which is white or cream in color and pretty basic. A bolder table may have a more intricate tablecloth design or it may be in the colors of your wedding instead of the softer more traditional colors.

decorations for wedding tables, traditional wedding table setting, fall wedding table

Wedding Table Setting by Andrew Malone

decorations for wedding tables, blue and red wedding table, blue wedding table

If you choose to have a table runner you might choose a white table with a colored runner, a colored table with an accent colored table runner or your runner may not be fabric at all. A good choice would be foliage or flower petals artfully strewn down the center of the table.

decorations for wedding tables, wedding tables with runners, yellow wedding tables, light green wedding tables

Marquee with Bunting by David Higgs

decorations for wedding tables, wedding table with floral runner, wedding table with flower petals

Decorations For Wedding Tables - Accents, Crystals and Sprinkles

Now it is time to add the small touches. The small touches could include napkin placement and shape, small decorations such as accents and beads as well as flower petals or greenery on the table. Instead of a large wedding centerpiece or in addition to it you can have smaller centerpieces across the table, possible even in front of each table setting.  

Decorations For Wedding Tables, Red Wedding Table, Christmas Wedding Table

decorations for wedding tables, wedding table accents

You might choose to utilize multiple candle settings, ornaments, small plants or bouquets. There are so many options of different ways to liven up the look and feel of the guest tables at your wedding! Use the visuals in some of the photos you see to jump start your own imagination and start brainstorming on what you like and what you do not and what would look perfect on your tables!

decorating for wedding tables, beach wedding table, starfish wedding table

Decorations For Wedding Tables - Centerpieces

Now we have come to the centerpieces – the one item in my opinion where you can be as creative as you want. The centerpieces is a place where you can show everyone your wedding colors, your wedding theme or just part of your personality by choosing an item that you think it beautiful and perfect or what a wedding reception should look like.

So let us talk and look at some examples of popular wedding centerpiece choices. The first one is the use of glass. You can use glass in vases, glass bottles, fish bowls and other glass containers. These containers can be filled with flowers, flower filler like beads or painted beans, seashells and pebbles or even fill them with candy and snacks for the guests to have a treat!

decorations for wedding tables, glass wedding centerpieces, pink wedding table

Centerpieces by Tracy Hunter

decorations for wedding tables, glass wedding centerpieces

Josh and Sarah Wedding 5 by Counselmen Collection

Rustic weddings are also something that is becoming more and more popular. Not everyone dreams of a romantic frilly affair. If you are among those who would love a more rustic look at your wedding you might want to consider how to fit this into your decorations. Using darker colors and wood or metal to decorate would be a good start.

decorations for wedding tables, rustic wedding table, rustic wedding centerpieces

place setting for the bachelor viewing party....  by  ProFlowers

Yellow and Gold and wonderful wedding colors. They can be bright and happy or they can be glitzy and glamorous. If yellow or gold are you wedding colors you may want to incorporate them into the centerpieces. You could choose yellow flowers or gold accent pieces. There are many ways to use them. A traditional gold or brown chair and table set would go a long way to complete the look.

decorations for wedding tables, gold wedding tables, gold wedding centerpieces

reception13 by Zoe.Wang

Finally we cannot forget everyone's love of flowers when choosing decorations for wedding tables. Sometimes you will find wedding centerpieces that do not involve flowers but this is the exception not the norm. Flowers can make a great centerpiece when done right. You can choose whatever flowers you like but many people choose the same type of flowers that were part of the bouquets or flowers that are in the same color as the wedding colors.

decorations for wedding tables, tall wedding centerpieces

decorations for wedding tables, floral wedding centerpieces

With flowers you can do a lot to make the centerpieces unique and fun! You can use small centerpieces or tall wedding centerpieces. You can put the flowers in vases and have a simple centerpiece or you could add other aspects such as mirrors, crystals, candles, seashells or crystals to add to the look. They can go in everyday vases to unique items such as painted vases, steampunk looking containers, mason jars, baskets and just about anything else that would hold flowers and water or planted flowers.

decorations for wedding tables, tall wedding centerpieces, tall wedding flowers

decorations for wedding tables, modern floral centerpiece

Decorations For Wedding Tables - Place Settings

Finally everything is on the table except the place settings. It is great to have pretty tablecloths and runners, centerpieces and other small decorations but your guests are here to eat and drink so do not forget to choose the perfect plates, glasses and napkins!

decorations for wedding tables, purple wedding reception, purple wedding tables

When choosing the place settings there are a few things you can keep in mind. You are probably going to want to pay special attention to the glassware and plates you choose to make sure it does not clash in any way with the rest of the decorations. If at all possible, do not try to save money here. You will want sturdy yet beautiful place settings, sometimes less is more so you do not need to go over the top here as something classic will work best.

decorations for wedding tables, yellow wedding reception, yellow wedding tables

decorations for wedding tables, yellow and green wedding reception, yellow and green wedding table

Besides the plates, silverware and glasses you will also want napkins and place cards as decorations for wedding tables. The place cards are a nice touch allowing your guests to know where to sit but besides that they are also a great way to incorporate your theme again! If you are having a fall wedding they could have a decorative leaf on them, a seashell for a beach wedding and even just your monogram for a traditional wedding. Finally you will have your napkins which should be elaborately folded in a beautiful design and either placed inside the glassware or on type of the plates. The napkins can either be in the white and cream family or you can choose them in your main wedding color.

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