Winter Wedding Colors

Are you looking for the best winter wedding colors? No need to stress. There are beautiful colors you can use to best reflect getting married in the winter.


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Best theme colors for your winter wedding You are free to choose the colors and theme for your wedding. Most brides do not choose a single or only one color. It is common to choose two or three colors that work together. So what colors are you going to use for your winter wedding celebration?

If you are highlighting Christmas you might want to select reds and greens. Of course you can also use gold, silver, white and ice blue. These are all very popular for this time of the year.

Winter Wedding Dress

What bride does not want the perfect wedding dress? Many brides getting married this time of the year make the mistake of not taking the weather into account. It can actually be more difficult to find a weather appropriate winter gown as most bridal gowns out there are either strapless or short sleeves. However, it is wise to look for long sleeves. If you are absolutely against long sleeves, a shawl or coverup in the next best option.

Select Your Flowers

When you decorate you indoor wedding ceremony and reception with flowers, try to use colorful (bright) flowers, incorporating in winter wedding colors. Red and white color flowers are perfect and which are available in winter season. You can also use vines and other greenery to bring winter and Christmas to the tables and decorations.


You can add winter in your decorations as well. You might want to use white or silver snowflakes, icicle lights, or even Christmas trees. You should showcase the season in any way that you can.

Do not forget that you can decorate things such as the wedding cake and the favors in the motif of the season.

For instance you can have your cake resemble a winter wonderland or have it decorated with snowflake or other items that remind you of the season.

When you are choosing your favors you can also choose ones the represent winter or Christmas time. You can give out Christmas ornaments or buy favor bags decorated for the season.

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