Planning for the Wedding Reception Itinerary

After the wedding ceremony, the reception is followed. Wedding Reception Itinerary may vary but you should have themes and goals in every part. Make use of the bridesmaid and groomsmen to usher the visitors to their proper seats. Usually, the host announces the entrance of the bride and the groom.


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The entrance of the bride at the wedding reception site is always a grand entrance regardless of whatever drama you may want to create such as a line of receiving guests, flowers underneath the feet or extravagant fireworks. This step is always an important part of your wedding reception itinerary. I usually recommend the lighting of the unity candle to start the celebration. The unity candle symbolizes the union not only of the couple but as well as their families and friends who are united by the ceremony.

wedding reception itinerary, wedding reception tables

Wedding Reception Itinerary differs depending on the type of theme. Speeches from the parents are sometimes at the beginning of the celebration or reserved for last. If the parents chose to be last, then let the best man and the maid of honor be the first to raise their glasses. Traditionally, the Cake cutting and wine toasting is made after the food has been served. Nowadays, all activities are done first before proceeding to the serving of the food. As much as possible do all the activities in the first part of the program. Once the food is served, you bet, no one listens to the host and sometimes it is very hard to get their attention again.

wedding reception itinerary, wedding reception tables

If the Wedding Reception Itinerary includes the releasing of the doves, do it in the last part of the ceremony especially if you are celebrating in enclosed areas. The doves are place in the bell cage with strings wherein couples pull the string to release the doves. A word of warning, there are a lot of disasters for this type of activity, just make sure that yours will not be one of those disaster weddings. Sometimes, couple would not want to hold doves or they do not want to include doves. Why not try the releasing of butterflies. It has become a popular choice nowadays.

wedding reception itinerary, wedding reception photos

Always end your Wedding Reception Itinerary with a word of gratitude to parents, friends, relatives and those people who graced the occasion. Never forget to thank the servers, flower arrangers, the cooks, and those who helped you. It is better to utter a simple word of thanks that will let them remember the most wonderful event in your life. Make the Wedding Reception Itinerary by putting your shoes as one of the guest. Ask yourself, if I am to be the guest on this occasion, will I get bored? If the answer is yes, then create something that will make the party more entertaining and worth remembering.

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