Wedding Cake Flavors

Are you ready to choose your wedding cake flavors yet? If you're thinking on what your wedding cake should look like, think also the cake flavors that would suit the appearance of your cake. It would be worthless to have a beautiful wedding cake with dry and bland taste. Your wedding cake should be equally gorgeous and tasteful as well for your guests to enjoy every single bite of it. 

Even the traditional white cake can have a very tasteful flavor other than vanilla. If you've decided to have a white cake, enhance its flavor by adding some fillings like custard, white chocolate, strawberry, caramel and any flavor that you want. If you want a fruity filling, have mango or orange, or you can use both in separate tiers. Lemon sponge cake layered with lemon curd and lemon butter cream is also a perfect wedding cake flavor. 

Today, many couples want a unique wedding cake rather than the traditional white cake. Others just want to be unique while others want their wedding cake to match the theme of the wedding. Like for example, for an autumn wedding, a rich flavored cake like a lemon cake or a chocolate cake would be perfect to match the theme and the autumn atmosphere. Other rich and unique wedding cake flavors that you may want to have on your wedding day are chocolate flavored cakes and cakes with fruits and nuts; fruits and nuts can be a flavor, filling or topping to your chocolate cake

Non traditional wedding cakes like carrot cakes and fruitcakes are becoming popular to those brides who want to have an extraordinary wedding cake. Those cakes have rich creamy flavors that everyone will surely love and enjoy eating. Another non traditional wedding cake is called tiramisu; it is an Italian dessert with a unique taste that's perfect for any kind of weddings. 

Cupcake wedding cakes are also becoming a trend nowadays. They come in small servings so you can have different flavors if you want and your guests can also pick the flavor they want. 

In choosing flavors, you should take time to decide on what flavor you want your cake to have. You should at least have a taste test first before making an order or before you make the final decision on what would be the appearance of your cake. Indulging your guests with a delicious wedding cake flavor with a lovely appearanceas well will not only make them satisfied; your wedding cake will remain a wonderful memory of your wedding day. 

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