Elegant Square Wedding Cakes

Just like round cakes, square wedding cakes are now becoming popular for most modern brides. The shape and edges of this cake offers elegance and variety to the over all wedding reception decorations. They are practically having more servings than a round shape wedding cake for the same size. 

Square wedding cakes can have many different variations and styles to choose from. It can have a traditional look or a contemporary one. The style, color and garnishing will depend on the theme or motif of your wedding decorations. You must plan carefully what would your square wedding cake would look like because it will be the center of attention of your wedding reception decoration. 

A traditional square wedding cake is usually white in color, garnished with decorations in several colors. To make your traditional square cake an elegant one, try to match it with garnishing like your wedding reception decorations. These can be flowers, ribbons, laces and fruits. You can also adorn your cake with quilt patters to make fabulous and stylish; add some edible beads for additional texture. 

For the modern appearance of your square wedding cake, you can use fondant, icing and frosting to decorate it. You can top your square wedding cake with flowers such as roses, sunflowers, mums and many more; have it fresh or edible it would definitely highlight the look of your wedding cake. You can also design your square wedding cake like a gift, top it with a big ribbon and it would look marvelous. Square wedding cakes can also be mixed with different shapes of wedding cakes such as round, heart and even hexagonal for a unique appearance. 

There are also a lot of ways to arrange your square wedding cake. It can be staggered asymmetrically into groups, multi-tiered with separate pillars or like a tower arranged in one column, and a floating cake stand arrangement. You can also arrange each cake separately or you can have tiny square cakes like those of cupcake wedding cakes for individual servings. For separate arrangement, you can have also several different flavors for your guests to choose from. 

In choosing the perfect square wedding cake, keep in mind that whatever designs you have in mind, make sure that your cake is delicious just like it appears to be. The taste and appearance should be equally balance. Your guests will surely be delightful to taste your square wedding cake with its tasteful look. 

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