Black and White Wedding Cakes

Black and white wedding cakes are a popular choice for weddings today. Using black and white allows you to easily match other decorations and accents throughout the celebration. This cake can look many things, depending on how it is designed, including elegant, modern, sophisticated and stunning. Besides choosing the frosting colors you can further beautify the cake by choose stunning wedding cake jewelry  or using a letter wedding cake topper instead of the traditional toppers.  Of course you will need to decide if you like the idea of black wedding cakes or if you want to bring in more color or a more balanced color scheme. . 

When most people think about wedding cake they think about a white cake. If you are this kind of person and you do not want to stray too far away from the normal wedding cake vision you can just use slight accents of blacks. Your cake maker can use strategic dots, stripes or other patterns to allow your cake to come alive. There are many ways to create beautiful black and white wedding cakes

To create a more stunning look with their black and white wedding cakes, many people choose to have the layered cake alternate in color. So to make a more stunning black and white wedding cake, the tiers will alternate in color. For instance, if the cake is 5 layered 3 are white and 2 are black, or vice versa. 

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Other popular trends for black and white wedding cakes  include having designs or patterns on the cakes. As mentioned before this can be quite simple such as dots (polka dotted themes are always popular) to stripes, lines, and swirls. Hearts and other geometric objects are also quite popular. Sometimes you will see other designs such as intricate leaves, flowers, ribbons or even a specific picture painted on the cake. 

Even though black and white wedding cakes can be very beautiful, sometimes brides decide they need something to accent the cake. Black and white can create a strong image, so softening it with flower petals (either on the cake itself or artfully placed on the cake table) is a popular choice. Perhaps you want to add a dash or color (and only a dash) but you do not want to use flowers. Instead you can have some color added to the cake. 

When choosing a topper or any other accessories for your black and white wedding cakes you should make sure they match. They do not have to be black and white like the cake, but they also should not seem out of place. You probably do not want an overly colorful cake topper, some color is appropriate but too much will take away from the theme of the cake. 

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Black and white wedding cakes are becoming more popular these days and with good reason. They can be very beautiful and they photograph well. Just make sure that the wedding cake matches the rest of your day. Do not purchase only because you love it, it needs to go with the rest of your theme, decorations and apparel. 

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