Seashell Wedding Cake

If you are having a beach wedding you might want a seashell wedding cake. Having a seashell themed wedding cakeis a nice touch to an outdoor summer wedding, a wedding on the beach or one with a beach theme. 

Your Cake Colors

When you are decorating a wedding cake with seashells you can use a variety of colors. You can choose to have an all white cake which you brighten up with several different colors of the individual shells. If you want our cake to resemble a beach where the seashells might be found you can choose to make the cake a sandy color. Finally you can use just about any blue or green to achieve the same affect of being at the beach surrounded by seashells and sand. 

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The Seashells and The Sand

How are the seashells made on your seashell wedding cake? Well sometimes the seashells are real, but often times the bakery uses frosting of candy to make the seashells. They look real, but they are actually edible and created in the bakery itself. If you want your cake to be decorated with sand on it or around it, let your bakery know as they can create the illusion of sand quite easily with brown sugar and cinnamon

Your Cake Topper

Once you have chosen how to decorate your seashell wedding cake you now need to think about the cake topper. You can choose to top the cake with more seashells or choose another beach related theme. Some appropriate beach themes include starfish, palm trees, and exotic flowers. If you want to use a beach themed cake topper but you still want it to be a bride and groom, there are plenty beach themed bride and groom toppers to choose from.

Decorating The Cake Table

If you want to continue the beach theme onto the cake table that is certainly an option. Sometimes brides want to add to the table to add more of a beach or seashell theme. Other times they decide that they do not want real seashells on the cake or they ultimately choose a different theme to go with on their cake, but they still want seashells to be part of thewedding décor. 

Either way you can add seashells and sand (real or fake) artistically to the cake table to help your guests think of the beach, water and summer ideas while looking at your cake. You can also add other beach themed items such as sandcastles, a shovel and pail set, starfish or sailboats to make the theme complete. 

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