Heart Shaped Wedding Cakes

Have you considered heart shaped wedding cakes? There are many wedding cake styles and colors that you can choose for your wedding day. What type of wedding cake are you having? 

Heart Shaped Tiered Wedding Cakes

Do you want a heart shaped tiered wedding cake? You can accomplish this in several ways. The most obvious one would be a multi tiered wedding cake. You can either have a stacked cake or one where the tiers are separated by columns or pillars. A cake separated by tiers or columns is very traditional. If you choose to do this you either allow the space between the tiers to be obvious, or you can fill them with flowers. A stacked cake is the more modern choice. Stacked cakes look a bit more streamlined, with nothing separating each tier of the cake

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One more choice would be have what is called the cascading wedding cake. To get this look you would have several one layer cakes placed on cake stands at different heights on the cake table. Each cake could be heart shaped, and you could decorate with flowers or have your baker use fondant frosting to create different designs

Heart Themed Wedding Cakes

Many brides and grooms love the idea of incorporating hearts into the wedding themes but are not really interested inheart shaped wedding cakes. If you agree with those brides and grooms maybe you want to have a normal shaped wedding cake which is decorated with hearts. With a heart wedding theme the colors you can use are endless. Of course you can choose to use red or pink, but most colors will work. Whatever colors you choose for your wedding colors you should be able to use on the cake. For instance, if your wedding color is green you could have a light greencake with white hearts or an ivory cake with green hearts. 

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Heart Wedding Cake Toppers

Another option is to choose a heart shaped wedding cake topper. If you want to add more hearts or you just want a touch of this theme instead of having heart shaped wedding cakes, you could always choose a heart shaped weddingcake topper. Hearts is a popular theme and there are a lot of these wedding cake toppers available

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