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Wedding Cake Styles

There are several different wedding cake styles that a bride and groom can choose from. Today everything, including the wedding dessert, can have unique appeal and flair. What style of wedding cake will you be using?

Traditional – With Columns or Pillars

If you are having a highly traditional or elegant wedding you might consider matching the ceremony and reception with the correct wedding cake styles. The most traditional wedding cake is a tiered cake which is separated by some kind of columns or pillars. There should be at least 3 tiers, but more are okay too, however the bigger and the more tiers you have the more expensive the cake will be.

The columns or pillars are traditionally white, but if you want to add a modern touch to this wedding cake style you could always use clear or colored columns. Using different colors would allow you to tie in your wedding colors or your wedding theme.

Modern – Stacked Cakes

While most brides do choose to have a tiered wedding cake, many are now using stacked cakes instead of cakes separated by columns. The stacked cakes still has a look of sophistication and beauty, but it is a more modern and streamlined look.

Even though the cakes look like they are just balanced upon each other, there is usually wooden or plastic picks or dowels in the cake to support the weight. Having the tiers stacked is the perfect balance of both traditional and modern as the cakes are supported so the cake will stay beautiful until it is cut, but they are more visually pleasing to the eye than a traditional column wedding cake.

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Unique – Sheet Cakes or Cupcakes

A sheet cake is certainly not what anyone can call a traditional wedding cake. However, sometimes when brides are considering wedding cake styles a sheet cake seems like the best option. A sheet wedding cake is certainly a cheaper option and if you are having an elaborate or unconventionally themed wedding a sheet cake might be the easiest way to express your theme.

Pink Cake Box Cake, wedding cupcakes, wedding cupcake tree

Having a cupcake tiered wedding cake is another way to save money while still having a wonderful wedding cake display. These days you can purchase wedding cupcake stands to display the cupcakes in a tiered style so it looks similar to a traditional wedding cake. Giving out cupcakes instead of traditional cake slices gives you more freedom to decorate in a variety of ways as well as offering your guests several different flavors to choose from.

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