11 Bridal Arches - How to and Inspiration

Learn how to use wedding arches in your ceremony and find inspiration with these bridal arch photos.

Are you planning on using bridal arches in your wedding? If you're planning an outside wedding like a garden wedding or a beach wedding, bridal arches should be included on your wedding decorations list; you can also use this in an indoor wedding as a backdrop to the ceremony or as an elaborate entrance. 


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Bridal Arch Inspiration Board

Bridal Arches - Photos and Inspiration

Let's look at some photos of different bridal arches you may want to use for your wedding day. 

Having a beach wedding? Bridal arches are especially lovely for outdoor weddings. Although they can also be used for indoor wedding ceremonies like church weddings, they can especially help set the mood for an outdoor ceremony. A church wedding already has a preset backdrop of the altar. Still, with outdoor ceremonies, you may need a few extra decor items!

The photo below shows a wedding arch decorated with light pink and hot pink fabric or tulle. The large pink and red floral arrangements were added. This photo also shows the wedding aisle and chairs - how they brought the look together with white chairs with pink sashes/bows, a pink aisle runner, and flower petals that are red, pink, and yellow.

When designing a wedding arch, you must decide if you will bring other elements to match, like in this example, or if you want the arch to stand on its own.

Pink Floral Wedding Aisle with White, Pink and Red Bridal ArchPink Floral Wedding Aisle with White, Pink and Red Bridal Arch

If you are having a garden wedding, you might want the arch to match the rest of the area. In the photo below, you will notice that the arch is white with white flowers and greenery wrapped around it. The surrounding area is all green as well.

This is only the photo of the arch, but most likely, the chairs would be white, as would the aisle runner. Again, this would be a complete look sticking to a theme of white and green throughout the ceremony. By using these colors and not bringing in brighter and bolder hues, the bride and groom are allowing their guests to focus on the natural beauty of the grounds and nature in the warmer months.

Green and White Floral Bridal ArchGreen and White Floral Bridal Arch

The wedding arch below is an excellent example of a beach bridal arch that is rustic and bohemian. This is a great selection also for a sunrise or sunset wedding ceremony as the sky is especially striking behind the colors of the wooden arch and the flowers the couple used in this ceremony decoration.

Rustic Floral Beach Bridal ArchRustic Floral Beach Bridal Arch

This is a double arch decorated with red, white, and green. This would be nice for a holiday wedding in a warmer or tropical location. The couple added to the overall design by adding other elements besides the bridal arch. This draws attention to the wedding aisle and will separate the aisle from the guests.

Unique Pink, White and Green Bridal ArchUnique Pink, White and Green Bridal Arch

Do you like the idea of a bridal arch, but it is a little too traditional for you? A groom is waiting for his bride at the end of the aisle. This is an eclectic collection of items to make up wedding decorations and the wedding aisle.

Instead of a traditional arch, there is a partial arch made of purple, pink and white blooms. Instead of a conventional wedding altar, the groom is standing in front of a small table and backdrop with a lamp, an older framed photo, and a wall clock. This is a fun and interesting wedding ceremony setup for a garden wedding.

Groom Under Purple, White and Pink Lush Floral Bridal ArchGroom Under Purple, White and Pink Lush Floral Bridal Arch

Are you looking for a wedding arch that is bohemian, fun, and feminine? This arch would be perfect for you. It is small in width, so it does not take up a lot of room. However, it is tightly wrapped in pink roses and other pink flowers, sunflowers, and greenery. This style of wedding arch would be beautiful for a beach or garden wedding.

Pink, Yellow and Green Bridal Arch on the BeachPink, Yellow and Green Bridal Arch on the Beach

This is another example of a simple green and white wedding arch, except this photo is taken from a distance. This allows you to see how this type of bridal arch looks with the other scenery, the wedding aisle, and the wedding chairs.

Green and White wedding arch at garden weddingGreen and White wedding arch at garden wedding

If one wedding arch is pretty, what if you used several of them together. At the end of this long green wedding aisle, you will find a simple bridal arch with green and white flowers. However, to walk down the aisle, the bride will pass under several bridal arches covered in white tulle and tied with green bows. This is a lovely way to bring a color scheme to a wedding ceremony.

Series of White bridal arches with a touch of green and a green wedding aisleSeries of White bridal arches with a touch of green and a green wedding aisle

Below, we have two different arches. They are both beautiful but incredibly different. The top photo is a simple white bridal arch with a large brown base. It is draped in white fabric and wrapped with a green garland. One of the corners also has a large white rose floral arrangement. It is lovely for traditional weddings and outdoor weddings.

The bottom photo shows a bride and groom under the wedding arch together. The arch is classically built and covered in various white, yellow, and orange flowers. If you look closely, you will notice that the flowers on the arch match the flowers in the bride's hair.

2 wedding arches - a white and green beach wedding arch and a multi-colored floral arch with a bride and groom exchanging vows2 wedding arches - a white and green beach wedding arch and a multi-colored floral arch with a bride and groom exchanging vows

Our final photo is of a red, white, and pink themed arch. The bridal arch is red and white striped - which would work for a red color scheme or even a holiday wedding. The top of the arch is covered in hundreds of pink and red roses. Breathtaking!

Red and White striped bridal arch covered in hundreds of pink and red rosesRed and White striped bridal arch covered in hundreds of pink and red roses

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