Wedding Ceremony Site – Learn How To Choose The Place You are Getting Married At

Choosing a wedding ceremony site is a big decision. The site of the ceremony is where your marital status changes. You will go from being single (or engaged) to blissfully married. You want to make sure you choose a ceremony location which you will be happy with and which meets all of your needs.


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You may be one of those lucky people who know exactly where you are going to be wed; you may have even known the locale even before becoming engaged. Many people choose a wedding ceremony site based on where they attend services or where their family and friends had tied the knot. But if you do not have a location picked out you will need to choose one. 

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Choosing your ceremony site should not be a snap decision. Even if you think you know where you want to be married you should make sure that the location can meet all your needs, it is better to find out now than later, right? Choosing the site is just like any other choice you make regarding your wedding, you need to be careful and take your time.

You should really look at several places and be sure to ask any questions that address the needs of your ceremony, your guests, and of course the needs of your fiance and yourself. Even if you think you know exactly where you want to get married you still might consider interviewing different places. Think of them as backup places to your original plan.

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Don't know what questions to ask? Don’t really know where to start? That is perfectly understandable. Here is a list of questions and concerns to get you started.

Wedding Ceremony Site

  • What is the wedding ceremony site Capacity? 
  •  How many people can this site hold? 
  •  Is that number seated only? 
  •  If not how many people can be seated, how many additional standing?
wedding ceremony site, church wedding photo collage, church weddings


  • Is parking available at the location? 
  • What is the capacity? 
  • Will any other events be going on at the same time or on the same day which will limit parking availability? 
  • If so, by how much?

Wedding Music

  • Is a piano or an organ available? 
  • Does the facility employ or provide a piano or organ player? 
  • If so, is the cost of his/her services included in the cost of the wedding ceremony site user fee or is it separate? 
  • If it is separate how much is it? 
  • Can a different piano or organ player be brought in? 
  • Can other musicians be brought in?

Wedding Photography

Wedding Ceremony Site, Wedding Ceremony Photo Collage, Wedding Ceremony Photos, Wedding Photo Ideas

  • Are photographers/videographers permitted during the service? 
  • What about before and afterward? 
  • Are there any special rules or restrictions? 
  • Is there a place on the grounds suitable for posed shots?

Wedding Party Prep

  • Are there rooms on the grounds available for the wedding party to get ready in?
  • If so, how many? 
  • Can we tour these rooms?

Wedding Ceremony Decorations

wedding ceremony site, wedding decorations, pink and purple weddings, pink and purple wedding collage

  • What decorations are or are not permitted? 
  • How long before the ceremony can they be dropped off or stored? 
  • When can they be setup?

Additional Staff

  • Is there anyone on staff available to help set up on the wedding day? 
  • If we employ a wedding planner will there be someone specific on staff that he/she should coordinate with?

My Wedding Day

Wedding Ceremony Site, White Weddings, White and Green Weddings

  • Will my wedding be the only event held that day? 
  • If no, will others be at the same time or at different times? 
  • If they are at different times is there any overlap when different wedding parties or events may be in the building? 
  • How many hours do I have the wedding ceremony site for?

The Cost

  • How much is the site fee? 
  • Does this include counseling? 
  • If not, how much is the counseling fee? 
  • Does this include the officiant service? 
  • If not how much will that be? 
  • Are there any other separate fees? 
  • Is a deposit required? 
  • If so, how much? 
  • When is the remaining bill due? 
  • Is there a cancellation fee/policy?

Wedding Tips – Use Pinterest

Still not sure – here is a bonus tip – use Pinterest to make this process go more smoothly! I understand that you are trying to find the perfect wedding venue in the real world and not online, but Pinterest can be a huge help for not only your wedding location but to help all your vendors give you exactly what you are looking for.

If you do not already have Pinterest boards for the following wedding areas – create them now:

  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Wedding Reception
  • Wedding Themes
  • Wedding Ideas
  • Potential Wedding Vendors (Make private so if you do choose to show your wedding boards to your vendors they do not see your research).

Once you have these boards, start filling them up with photos you feel show you what your wedding should look like. Look for both broad strokes (what the room you get married in should look like) and smaller details (such as chalkboard signs, wedding arches, or floral arrangements).

You can not only research what you love in individuals weddings, but you can also search the actual vendors you are considering. Look at photos taking at their wedding venues. Pin them. Once you have pinned all the photos from your vendors, compare them. When venues do you love the most. Consider making a pro/con list to whittle down your list.

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