The 30 Best Wedding Table Numbers For Your Reception Tables

Wedding Table Numbers - planning a wedding is about all the little details. Of course finding the perfect location, dress and music is important, but you can not neglect the small details. One of these details is how you label the tables in your reception.


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You can choose basic wedding table numbers that go with everything and melt into the background or if you choose table numbers that are more stylized towards your wedding theme. Check out the ones we have selected before!

Check out these beautiful gold wedding table numbers - as you can see below they look great among large floral decorations - especially in pink tones.

If you are planning a beach wedding or have a beach wedding theme you might want to choose these starfish themed table numbers - they would look great with the rest of your theme and fit right in. Sometimes when planning your wedding, the small details are what pulls a whole design scheme or theme together.

If you are planning a rustic wedding or have a country theme you might like the table numbers below. They are pretty and would fit right in with the rest of your wedding decor.

If you are having an elegant or traditional wedding you might want to stick with table cards like the ones below.

Intertwined hearts are a super popular and common way to decorate anything at your wedding from wedding table cards to the stationery. Check out the below photo to see how this could look at your own wedding tables.

If you are looking for something elegant but black is more your style you might love the table number below.

Frosted table numbers can add a touch of modern elegance to your wedding decor. They would look good paired with centerpieces like frosted candles or candle and mirror combinations.

If you are getting married at a vineyard or wine is a part of your wedding (like a theme, a large wine list or a special interest of you and your spouse or family members) you might want to use these super cute burlap table numbers hanging from wine bottles.

Here we have some floral intertwined with the wedding decor or the wedding table cards. If you have a lot of floral accents or you are using all floral wedding centerpieces, this would fit in well with the rest of your wedding motif.

If you are getting married in the wintertime or having a holiday themed wedding you could always choose these cute and festive snowflake table numbers.

Check out these cute orange gold table numbers. As you can see in the photo below they would look extra great paired with gold vases or other wedding centerpieces in the color family.

Looking for something colorful and modern. I think you might really like these pink and coral wedding table numbers.

This one below is a great combination of floral and grapes - it reminds me of a country vineyard.

If dark blue and gold are your wedding colors you might love these table numbers. The royal look is completed with a cute crown. In this case you can get other cards related to the headtable, wedding favors and the guest book in addition to the actual wedding table numbers.

Are you into adding different geometric shapes into your wedding design and decor? Have you checked out these super cute hexagon table numbers yet?

Here is another cute table number idea hanging them of of wine bottles. However in this case using white or clear bottles and also utilizing the same bottles for greenery or flowers can create a magical look.

Here are some more cute floral bordered wedding table numbers. You can look at the photo below to see how they can be paired with floral centerpieces to match the flowers on the table numbers.

Here are some cute golden yellow floral table numbers which would look great if yellow or gold is a wedding color of yours.

Are you are looking for elegant black and white table cards - look no further. They are elegant and understated and would look great with whatever wedding table decor you have chosen.

These wooden looking table numbers would look perfect for a country wedding or one with a rustic theme.

How do you feel about glitter and sparkle? These large silver wedding table numbers add sparkle and shine. As you can see below they would do an excellent job of standing out with a more minimalistic table decor design.

Here are some more really cute floral wedding table numbers.

Another idea is to use colored table number signs that either match or go well with your floral decorations or your chosen wedding colors.

If red is your wedding color you might want to choose the one in the photo below.

Are you looking for something that is on the romantic and delicate side. These table numbers will remind your guests of lace and flowers - perfect for a more feminine look.

Here are some more super cute hexagon shaped table numbers. The design itself is minimalistic, but the hexagon shape makes it pop.

The below photo is another example of how you can match the floral design or the table number sign to the actual flowers on the table for a seamless transition. They look like they were made for each other. If you do choose to go this route you can take the table numbers to your florist and have them create centerpieces to match them!

Here is another example of really cute table numbers you can use if you are going for a rustic look. They are made out of burlap which adds a whole lot of country to the look and feel but the numbers themselves are in a contrasting bright white and those white bows really complete the look!

Of course, if the above is just a little bit too much for you and you want the country look without it looking cute - these wood number table signs might be more what you are looking for.

Finally, we have chosen this last one because the champagne color it is printed on goes really well with the burgundy numbers and paisley design.

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