Short White Informal Wedding Dress

The short white informal wedding dress is appealing to many brides these days, especially those who are getting married in the summer or in a very warm climate. This less formal wedding dress has the advantage of being different and unique compared to other wedding gowns. 


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A short white informal wedding dress can be especially nice at a beach wedding. There are weddings, or climates, that you really do not want to wear a long dress, especially when typical wedding gowns are heavy and can be difficult to move in. 

When else would you wear this type of dress? Well even though you could wear a short dress to a traditional ceremony, most brides who wear this type of dress wear it to match a more unique or unusual wedding. For instance, many brides are opting for outdoor weddings. Some of the more popular outdoor weddings include beach weddings, garden weddings, weddings in the park and even backyard weddings. 

Of course, you can wear this type of dress to any ceremony, inside or out, church wedding or nontraditional wedding, really the choice is yours. 

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Wearing a short white informal wedding dress is more popular and acceptable than ever before. Sure, you will see a lot of these types of dresses at beach weddings, but these days brides are being more daring and choosing to wear short dresses no matter what type of ceremony they are having. 

So why would a bride choose to wear a short white informal wedding dress instead of wearing a typical long wedding gown? There are several reasons for choosing not to wear a traditional gown.

  • Of course one of the reasons is that a bride likes the style better. When choosing your wedding gown you should choose something that you love, and that screams your own personality, not every other bride out there. 
  • Comfort is another popular reason. A short gown tends to be far more comfortable than a longer one. It is lighter and much easier to move in. Also when your dress does not reach the floor you do not need to be as concerned about tripping down the aisle, or at any other time during your wedding day. 
  •  If you are getting married in an especially warm climate a shorter dress is much more bearable than a long one which may make you too hot and uncomfortable. 
  •  Sometimes you can find shorter styles cheaper. A short white informal wedding dress may be cheaper because less material is used for both the length as well as the style; shorter dresses tend to be simpler and are not as thick.

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