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When shopping for sexy wedding dresses many brides try to find just the right balance between looking sexy and looking elegant or being somewhat traditional at the same time. Of course, other brides just want to look gorgeous and stunning. Every dress you see is made up of several different elements which either help make it a sexy wedding dress or a traditional wedding dress or somewhere in between the two. Each bride needs to decide how sexy or elegant or traditional she wants to be, that is a very personal choice. However, when shopping for dresses you can start making the decision by choosing each element of the dress carefully. Here is a quick breakdown of some different parts of a wedding dress and the different choices you can make.


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Wedding Dress Length

Well, this is of course a big part of the look you are going for. If you are going for traditional and elegant you are almost certain to choose a floor-length gown. Of course, other lengths are available including tea length, and let us not forget the short dress. Short dresses can be flirty numbers that still fall past the knees, or they can brush the knees or go as high as just about any other dress does. The length of the gown must be taken into consideration when you are trying to obtain a certain look. Showing a little leg can of course be sexy, what you show and how much you allow is up to you. A dress that is not to the floor but still leaves much to the imagination can be both sexy and elegant.


A very traditional gown may have long sleeves, whereas some of the more popular modern gowns have spaghetti straps or nothing at all. Again how much of your arms and shoulders you show can add to either the mystery and beauty or the sexiness of your wedding gown. Sexy Wedding Dresses tend to show off sculpted arms and shoulders, and there is nothing wrong with it as long as you are comfortable with how much skin you are showing.


The neckline is another area where you need to decide how much skin to show. You can have a sweetheart or V-neck line or you can have a very high neckline. Each element will drastically change the look of the dress. 

Back of Dress

Some brides choose to go bare in the back where others are completely covered up. Really each element needs to be able to both stands on its own as well as look good as the whole dress comes together. So when choosing how much of your back to show you should look at the rest of the dress. 

Wedding Dress Shopping:

TB Dress

Going backless is a choice many brides choose to make. You might want to consider whether or not this fashion choice will make you feel cold as the day goes on. If so, you might want to consider a wedding jacket for use later in the evening.


Embellishments and embroidery can add to the feel of the dress. Beads and other accents can draw eyes towards a certain area or the dress or body or away from a certain area of the body. Choose wisely to accentuate your best features or draw your guests eyes away from any area which you do not want to be scrutinized. 

Cut of the Dress

Lastly, the cut of the dress could be modest or revealing. You might have a form-fitting dress or something a little more modest like a traditional A-line. The form of the dress can certainly affect how it is seen by the guests. Many of the sexy weddings dresses out there are cut to be more form-fitting or highlight some of the bride's curves. 

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