Long Sleeved Wedding Dresses

Long sleeved wedding dresses do not have the same popularity as the summer sleeveless ones, but maybe they should. Previously most brides getting married in the warmer months only. This is not true anymore. Many brides today are choosing to wed in the cooler months from taking advantage of the beauty of autumn to marrying in the middle or end of the winter, especially around holidays such as Christmas, New Years, and Valentines Day


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When you decide to get married in the cooler months it is usually a good idea to shop for long sleeved wedding dresses. I know the short-sleeved ones or sleeveless are the ones that are most prominent in advertisements and boutiques, but you may need a little protection from the elements on your wedding day. An uncomfortable bride is an unhappy bride and that is certainly something that we do not want to see. This is a day for the bride and her happiness is very important, so when planning what dress to wear we need to consider both how it looks and her comfort level.  

Many brides do not want long-sleeved wedding dresses because they fear that they are not as beautiful as other gowns they have seen. However, there are many gowns with sleeves that are stunning. All it takes is a little shopping and maybe starting out with knowing what it is that you want.  

Many brides choose to wear long sleeved wedding dresses where the sleeves are see through, made of delicate lace with gorgeous designs. Of course this will not give the best warmth, but it is certainly better than no sleeves and it adds the touch of beauty and refinement to your gown. 

Many brides choose to wear long sleeved wedding dresses where the sleeves are see-through, made of delicate lace with gorgeous designs. Of course, this will not give the best warmth, but it is certainly better than no sleeves and it adds the touch of beauty and refinement to your gown.  

Of course, you do not need to wear see-through sleeves, but they are popular. You can either choose a dress with traditional long sleeves, ¾ sleeves, or even renaissance sleeves where the sleeves flare out from the elbows to the wrists.  

Another reason a person may choose to shop for long-sleeved wedding dresses besides the temperature is that they are having a very traditional or formal wedding and reception. Sleeveless and spaghetti-strapped dresses do not exactly scream formal and elegant. Do not get me wrong, there are many dresses with those styles that are gorgeous and the bride looks absolutely beautiful in, however, traditionally speaking this is not what your mother or grandmother got married in. If you are having a traditional church wedding and you really want everything to be elegant and formal you might consider having long sleeves rather than short.  

Are there any other reasons to choose long sleeves? Well if you are not comfortable bearing your arms for everyone to see all day long, you might not want to go strapless. If you have any tattoos on your arms, especially ones you do not want family and colleagues to notice that could be another reason to have sleeves. Of course, you may just decide that you like how long sleeves look better than short sleeves. 

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