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Buying an LDS Wedding Dress is a little different from buying just any dress of the rack. Brides to be who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints have to understand the bridal dress code when they begin to shop. The dress code is of course more modest than other weddings. In general, the dress code deals with the length of the dress, the length of the sleeves, the color or the dress, and the neckline. Read on for more information on LDS Wedding Dresses.


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An LDS wedding dress will be modest in all respects, it will not be tight, flashy nor will it show excessive skin. Remember just because it is modest that does not mean it is not beautiful. Many modest dresses are gorgeous; they are just also more simple and pure than what some other brides choose to wear. Here are some basic guidelines on modest dresses. Of course, you should contact your church to see if they have anything more specific in mind. 

Sleeve Length

An LDS wedding dress is not sleeveless nor does it have spaghetti straps. These dresses will have sleeves, but the length is up to the bride. The sleeves could be long or short, as long as the sleeves match the rest of the dress and you keep the image of modesty in mind while shopping you should be fine. 

Dress Length

A LDS wedding dress should be long. You will not be able to choose a short or informal wedding dress for your wedding.

Wedding Dress Shopping:

TB Dress

So when you are ready to shop make sure you are only looking for floor length wedding gowns.


LDS wedding dresses should have a modest neckline. The dress should not have a V neck, a scoop neckline, or anything too revealing. 

Back Coverage

Your LDS wedding dress should be just as modest in the back as it is in the front. You should not wear anything that is backless or shows too much skin, regardless of the part of the body you are showing.


LDS wedding dresses will be white in color. You cannot choose to wear a colored dress and should not even wear off white or colors in the cream or ivory family. 

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