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Brides wearing funky wedding dresses may be more interesting than the ones wearing the more traditional white wedding gowns. We are not saying the brides themselves are more interesting (of course that may be true as well) but their wedding dress choice may be more interesting. Are you looking for unusual wedding dresses?


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Funky Wedding Dresses and You

Why would brides choose to wear funky wedding dresses? I suppose there are many reasons but here are a few:

You want to be remembered. Choosing an unusual wedding gown is one way to make that happen! In general, people go to a few to several weddings a year and after a while, all those weddings seem the same. Beautiful couple getting married in a beautiful place followed by a lovely reception. Want your guests to remember you and your wedding? what you wear might help them remember your wedding over every other wedding they went to that year.

The need to express yourself might be greater than your need to conform. Hey, this is fine, it is your wedding and you need to be happy! If you want to wear something that is not considered the social norm for weddings you should. It is your decision to make. If your guests look at you and your bridesmaids and think those are some funky wedding dresses - - take it as a compliment!

More and more brides are opting to embrace themselves and who they truly are and not what others expect from them. If you like a certain color and style and this look really speaks to you – wear it. This is your wedding and your happiness is what is important. Do not wear a traditional wedding gown just to make other people happy.

You are choosing your dress based upon a wedding theme or a certain tradition that you are celebrating. For instance, the dress you choose may not fit into the traditional vision if you are handfasting in a pagan wedding, celebrating ethnic roots in your wedding, or having a medieval ceremony. Of course to some people, our choice may seem like it falls into the category of unusual wedding dresses, but it may just be better suited to your wedding theme!

Your wedding dress is just one piece of a puzzle to fit into your overall wedding day celebration. It is not only things like religious choices and ethnic heritage that could have you choosing a different than a traditional wedding dress. Sometimes something as simple as a wedding theme might make you reconsider what you will be wearing.

Maybe you want to wear an ice blue dress or a red dress to fit in with a winter theme. After all, a lot of winter weddings either have a color scheme or silver and blue for snow and winter weather or red and white (sometimes green) for a Christmas themed wedding. This is just one example of how a specific theme could change your decision on what you will be wearing.

Beach wedding dresses, alternative ideas to veils, no trains, and soft colors other than white might be choices you make for a destination wedding to a tropical spot.

Wedding Dress Shopping:

TB Dress

What are funky wedding dresses? Here is a short list but remember what one person considers funky or different others may consider normal:

Short Wedding Dresses

Most people consider traditional wedding dresses to be floor-length, or tea-length if you are looking for a more vintage look. Anything shorter than this is outside the norm. 

Gothic Wedding Dresses

Gothic-inspired wedding gowns are not all white. They are usually in bold dark colors such as red, hunter green, brown and black. Sometimes white is also used here but there are other colors such as black or red bleeding in to make the dress look darker and more interesting.

Colored Wedding Dresses

You can find just about any color of wedding dresses you are looking for. If white, beige or ivory is not your thing you can choose soft pastels to rich bold colors. If you are looking for pastels there are plenty of soft pinks, blues, yellows, and purples on the market to choose from. Looking for something more bold and rich in color? Dark Blue, Dark Purple, and Red are some popular choices. Wedding gowns in different colors and styles can certainly be considered funky wedding dresses.

When you are planning on wearing colored wedding dresses you can choose from one solid color or wedding dresses with splashes of color added. Either way, these gowns are certainly not traditional, but they can be very beautiful.

Celtic Wedding Dresses

Many of these dresses are white, but not all of them. They can have embroidery of the Celtic knot and many have long flowing sleeves, and additional care to detail at the waist or the neckline.

Sheer (parts see-through or almost see though) Wedding Dresses

You can certainly find funky wedding dresses that are sheer to see-through in some parts of the dress. You can even find two-piece wedding dresses when you are shopping.

Pants suits

Not in love with the idea of wearing a dress at all? Why not look for a beautiful pantsuit to get married in!

Alternative Dresses This could include sundresses, Bridesmaid Dresses, Prom Dresses, or anything else you want to walk down the aisle in. 

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