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Are you looking for ideas for exotic wedding dresses? Anyone who is getting married in a destination wedding or has a theme that screams exotic location might consider matching the attire to the event. Will you? Do you want to wear a traditional dress or are you searching for exotic wedding gowns?


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What makes a wedding dress exotic exactly? I think the answer to that question is truly unique for each person. Many people would not consider wearing any wedding dress that is not white and long, so to those people, anything which deviates from the norm would be exotic (or perhaps they would choose a different adjective).

These days though we see wedding dresses deviating from the norm every day, from Gothic dresses to short wedding dresses and even colored ones which range from pretty pastels such as pink and blue to bold colors like red and hunter green. Personally, I still do not think these would be considered exotic, just unique, but to some people it would be exotic to go so far off the beaten track, offering their guests splashes of color or showing some leg.

f you are getting married on an island or somewhere equally exotic you may want to look like one of the natives. Exotic wedding dresses are very similar to what you would see at a beach wedding. Here are some things you may notice about exotic wedding dresses or beach wedding dresses.

Exotic Wedding Dresses - Style and Material

These exotic wedding gowns may be a little shorter, sexy, or the material will be thinner giving you the ease to breathe, dance, and walk-in all day long. When someone looks at one of these dresses and the bride wearing it they will certainly think about its beauty, but also about the simplicity of the dress. There is nothing overdone, like most beautiful things it does not need any extra help to be stunning.

Exotic Wedding Dresses - Color

Beach wedding gowns are still usually white, but if you want to change that up too, feel free as after all it is your wedding. Most people who do choose to use a color besides white for the beach tend to stick to light pastels or hints of color by using colored sashes or embroidering on the dress itself.

Exotic Wedding Dresses - Sleeves

Exotic wedding dresses usually are sleeveless or have spaghetti straps or very short sleeves. You are looking for a look that screams island princess; you are either getting married in a warm climate or a themed wedding to celebrate these wonderful locations. Make sure the sleeves match.

Exotic Wedding Dresses -Adornments

Many times the dresses are plainer than what you would see in a typical church wedding. Most exotic wedding dresses do not show off all of the pearls, jewels, and beads that you see on other gowns. Like I mentioned earlier, they do not need to as they are already quite beautiful if only a little bit simple.

Exotic Wedding Dresses - Floral Inspired

Are you looking for something fun and exotic but feel like something is still missing? How about some floral-inspired wedding gowns?

Wedding Dress Shopping:

TB Dress

What about this beautiful and elaborate floral wedding dress. It is a beautiful ball gown with 3d Floral beading and appliques.

Looking for something a little different? How about a nice romantic wedding gown with a little floral accent. It is sweet and romantic and beautiful but simple.

Are you looking for something dramatic and stunning? What about this sweetheart ball gown with floral touches on the gown? It is pretty and bold.

Are you interested in a floral gown but you would rather wear a mermaid styled wedding dress? How about the one below - the flowers are in beautiful and 3D.

Exotic Wedding Dresses - Colored and Glamorous Wedding Gowns

Still looking for the perfect dress. Have you seriously considered using a gown that is not white or an off white color? We are going to showcase a few of our favorites.

This A-Line wedding gown is fabulous and beautiful. Any bride would be stunning walking down the aisle in that dress. The dress is a romantic and pale pink, it is understated, yet beautiful.

The wedding dress below is shown in lilac but it comes in many different colors. It has organza and ruffles and is stunning!

How about this baby blue stunning sweetheart neckline with a beautiful ball gown wedding dress. It is beautiful but different. Now everyone can pull off this wedding dress color, but if you have blue as a wedding color or you just really do not want a white wedding dress, the one below might be the one for you.

It is not white, but it is not far off. This wedding gown is a beautiful champagne color - it is off the shoulder but still gives you plenty of support if you are not interested in the sweetheart neckline. It has a beautiful ball gown and many sequins.

How about a nice silver wedding dress? You can walk down the aisle in style in this amazing silver and black ball gown covered in sequins and sparkles.

Finally, we have to have a look at an absolutely amazing black wedding dress. I know black wedding dresses are not for everyone and will not fit into every wedding, but if this is something that interests you, you should really consider the dress below because it is amazing!

There you have it - some wonderful ideas on how to choose an exotic wedding gown and some of the different styles and choices on the market today. I hope you can find the most amazing exotic dress for your wedding.

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