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Destination wedding dresses are becoming more and more popular. In fact with the rise of beach weddings and destination weddings many brides are specifically shopping for destination wedding dresses.


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To learn more about this type of wedding dress read the following article:

The Perfect Destination Wedding Dresses

by Mala Webber

Your wedding dress is an important part of your big day - many of us have been dreaming about our dresses since we were little girls. However, there are a lot of things that go into getting the right dress for you. Here's how to get a wedding dress that fits, looks great, and will be fun to wear for your beach wedding.

We've all heard that we need to pick the right dress for our body shape. However, that can be more difficult than it seems. The wedding dress industry, like many other fashion industries, tends to make gowns for one ideal shape and size. However, there are some things you can to do to pick one that fits you well and will flatter your shape. Let's take a look.

Apple shapes are those that tend to have small hips and gain weight around the middle. There are lots of gowns out there that will be frustrating to wear if you're in this shape, because manufacturers tend to ignore this segment of the population. An A line gown will flatter you in most cases, as will a carefully chosen empire cut dress. Longer lines are better if you're going to choose something with a raised waist, since shorter dresses can make you look pregnant.

Hourglass shaped women have very pronounced waists, larger hips, and usually an equally large bust. This might seem like a desirable shape, but it can be remarkably hard to dress, as many dresses don't allow for it. One solution for a fitted dress in this style is to buy one that fits your bust and hips, and have the waist taken in by a professional tailor. Avoid dresses that are unfitted through the middle, as they may make you look too boxy.

If you have a pear shape, a full skirt is probably better. It'll make the most of your full hips without making you seem bottom heavy. Dress up the upper area with eye catching embroideries, to draw attention to the neck, shoulders and bustline. You don't have to show it all to bring the eyes up, so don't feel like you have to choose immodest necklines unless you like them. Women with the opposite shape - narrow hips and a very full bust, may be tempted to wear something baggy to detract from their breasts, but this is a poor idea. Instead, wear a dress that's well fitted but plain in the bodice, without beading or embroidery, and put all decorative elements in the skirt.

The location your wedding will be in can also affect the choice of gown. Remember that long trains and delicate fabrics might not be the best choice for a Caribbean beach wedding, for instance - keep them in the formal hall. Outdoor and beach wedding gowns should be chosen with the weather, temperature, and environment in mind - practicality is an important factor. Casual looks might be a plus for these types of ceremonies.

Many of us don't has as much to spend as we'd like to, so we need to find out how to save and still get the perfect dress. A used gown may be a good choice, as can once a year sample sales at bridal shops - best if you're a six, eight, or ten in bridal sizes. Rental dresses are becoming more popular, too. Probably the best money saving advice, however, is to keep your eyes open and go with more than the bridal shops. Plenty of beautiful dresses can work for your wedding, even if they aren't advertised as wedding dresses. - 27710

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